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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The One With The Escalating Ko

Some comments and variations are included. Have fun.

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[1800]OT[3x70 byo-yomi]
GN[count eyecatcher]PW[nuji]PB[eyecatcher]WR[6k]BR[6k]DT[2011-11-10]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[?]
;B[pd]BL[883.2]C[Time: 30 min + 3x 1:10 min byo-yomi. Played at KGS. I was black. Recently i started to play the nirensei opening (two star poinst) frequently.
;W[pp]WL[896.5]C[Normally i often play diagonal fuseki if white makes it possible with w2]
;B[dd]BL[873.6]C[This time i played parallel fuseki. ]
;W[cp]WL[890.4]LB[jd:B][pj:F][qn:E][ep:A][eq:C][fq:D]C[Noramally black plays next at "A" , "B" or "C" ... or "D" or "E" ... my next move, b5 at "F", is very seldomly played]
;W[ci]WL[879.5]C[normal joseki, white ends in gote. ]
;B[qn]BL[829.5]C[b11 works good with b5, to prevent this combination white could have played arround here with w6. ]
;B[fp]BL[816.2]C[Is b13 good in this situation ... i just can`t tell it!]
;B[ep]BL[789.5]LB[dp:A][dq:C][fq:B]C[b15 is possible (the database shows that it is a joseki move), maybe it is a old joseki?
Next white can play like in the game (w16 at "C") or "A" or "B" . "B" is most often played. ]
;W[dq]WL[849.2]C["2" is also possible (variation) ]
;W[bn]WL[829]C[I think "2" (variation) would be normal here ... maybe b23 was a mistake... ]
(;B[er]BL[728.8]C[b23 looks a bit useless... bad... maybe white should not have answered here... maybe "2" (variation) would have been better. ]
;B[jo]BL[685.6]C[I like this move. ]
;W[jp]WL[805.5]C[Interesting answer. ]
;B[jc]BL[646.7]C[Yes i like to play tenuki very much :-) ]
;W[qc]WL[796.6]C[Good timing for going to the corner, with w34 i would have played there as well. ]
;W[mb]WL[780.4]C[W46: i think it is too slow. ]
;B[lh]BL[575.6]C[now b has a nice moyo, i think black is favorable now. ]
;B[ef]BL[563.8]C[black wants to cut.]
;B[ed]BL[529.4]C[solid move. ]
;W[lc]WL[737.6]C[white does not run and is willing to sacrifice the 3 stone group. ]
;B[ko]BL[429.9]C[looks a bit slow now and it helps white to secure territory at the bottom.]
;W[mr]WL[590.8]C[ "2" (Variation) ]
(;B[ng]BL[366.4]C[if black now plays here ... b79, and b81 are not well planned. ]
;W[mo]WL[542]C[this is painfull because black just sacrificed 2 stones for nothing. ]
;W[fi]WL[462.1]LB[mm:X][om:X][ln:X][pn:X]C[I think i would have triied to - somehow - use the weaknesses at "X" directly with w94.]
;W[dh]WL[385.6]LB[mi:X][mm:X][gn:X]C[black is still leading but the black group in the lower left corner is still not allive and there are a few weaknesses (X ?) ]
;B[gn]BL[70]OB[3]C[White almost lost a good chance to attack the black group. ]
;W[lg]WL[203.3]C[b127 is a mistake, black can connect at "2" (variation) ]
(;B[nf]BL[70]OB[3]C[This could have been the loosing move! ]
;W[jm]WL[150.9]C[ maybe black could have answered at arround "2" (variation) ]
(;B[mm]BL[70]OB[3]LB[jk:X]C[i think this move was much too slow, black should have played arround X ]
;W[hl]WL[146.7]C[White still tries to attack the black group and/or is making some points in the center ... white can turn the game arround! ]
;B[dn]BL[70]OB[3]C[Black is still not 100 % allive... ]
;W[rq]WL[128.8]C[Very big move! Now white is leading in territorry! ]
;B[dj]BL[70]OB[3]C[black has to do something ... but while i was playing this , i did not count, and did not know that i was behind in territorry! I think i will start to count more often during the game, it is important! ]
;B[gi]BL[70]OB[3]C[i think "2" would have been much better. ]
(;W[ej]WL[96.8]C[This is the loosing move, white made some serious mistakes now and black can kill several white stones... ]
;W[eo]WL[70]OW[3]C[Maybe black should have answered this threat, because black has some other ko threats left ... i did not count all my threats ... one should count territory and ko-threats. ]
;B[gp]BL[70]OB[3]C[This move is like playing a pass... totally useless, because white could not have played here... black simply H4 then.]
;W[ln]WL[70]OW[3]C[This is not a threat ... because... ]
;W[gm]WL[70]OW[3]C[White can`t cut here. ]
;B[il]BL[70]OB[3]C[White resigned here. I was lucky to win this game, i have to play more carefull. ])
;B[ln]C[This way white probably would have won the game ... ])
;B[fr]C[White would have won the game. ])))
;W[mh]C[if white plays here... ]
;B[ki]C[black atari ... if white stretches ]
;W[lj]C[black can kill the white stones]
;B[ng]C[much better than the real game ]))
;B[dm]C[i don`t know but i think black should not play here because the white double hane seems to be possible. ]
;W[ck]C[This is not good for black ...]))
;B[cm]LB[en:A]C[Tenuki or "A" ]))

(truthandgo.blogspot.com/modus-operandi = Older blog entry which explains why i`m publishing all my "serious" games here ... and  truthandgo.blogspot.com/one-with.html = why it`s fun to find names for your games  ) 

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