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Monday, October 3, 2011

Modus Operandi

After playing - again - too many Games, in which i made too many obvious mistakes i decided to bring some structure in my (online-) playing habits.

To improve my Go, i will, from now on, only play two kinds of games, and i will decide which kind of game i`m going to play before i start.

I. Long Serious Games
1. Long thinking time: at least 15 min + 60 seconds Byo-Yomi. 
2. I only play if i`m in the right mood to concentrate myself.
3. I`m trying to avoid stupid mistakes and i think seriously before i move.
4. I review every game, no matter if i won or lost.
5. Every Kifu will be posted here, at least with some few words about the game.

II. Fast "Just For Fun" Games
1. Lightning or fast games.  
2. Everything is "allowed" ... no regretting of bad moves.
3. Can be played in every mood, even without thinking at all.  :-) 

I think this distinction is very useful ... i don`t want to stop playing these fast, and sometimes "stupid" games ... but i want to do it conscious... and if i want to play a "serious" game i don`t want to allow my self to play, at any time, a move without thinking at least some seconds about it`s consequences.

Maybe the kifu of a KGS 6 kyu are not a very interesting thing  ...  but to publish all my "serious" games, helps me to concentrate better while i`m playing them ... it is a psychological thing, because if i know that i`m going to publish them here, i will try harder to avoid shameful mistakes ... :-)

Here is the first serious game , played yesterday at TYGEM.
Some comments are included.

By the way: At the moment i`m  6 Kyu at KGS (eyecatcher),  11 Kyu at TYGEM (eyecatcher) and  17 Kyu at WBADUK (eye4eye).

GN[Tygem]PW[eyecatcher ]PB[gy****]WR[11k]BR[11k]PC[Tygem Baduk]AN[Even : Black 6.5 Dum]RE[W+Resign]MU[1]
;W[dd]C["2" is mostly played.]
(;B[cf]C[Maybe next for white the pincer "2" would have been the better choice. ]
;W[pn]C[I love the two space kakari ]
;W[qn]C[mostly next B (=Black) plays at "2" ]
;B[np]C[Maybe next for W to play at "2" would have been better ... ]
;B[qg]C[Maybe this B17 was not a good move. ]
;W[qe]C[Is whites answer good? Next for B to jump at "2" is maybe better ... ]
;W[qh]C[Maybe "2" next is better? (Variation) ]
;B[rf]C[White is happy now ... or not? ]
;W[jh]C[White is dreaming. ]
;B[oe]C[Black reacts imidiatly.

What if white would have played "2" instead of connecting right away ... ? ]
(;W[pe]C[White does not think long and just connects ... ]
;B[kc]C[B has found a nice point ... ]
;B[nd]C[Next to attack is better? For example at "2" ??! ]
(;W[eg]C[White starts to dream again :) ]
;B[cg]C[I think this position favours black ... ]
;W[cp]C[White is affraid of loosing and is trying special moves :-)
Now i think W44 is not a good move, and i feel that black could have responded better ... ]
;W[lq]C[A two space extension is urgent ... ]
;W[lr]C[Blacks next move will lead him into a difficult situation ... maybe "2" would have been much better. ]
;W[mo]C[Looks slow ... maybe attachment at "2" is much better here ... ]
;W[io]C[Now white jumps and blacks problem get`s bigger ... ]
;B[op]C[White ignores ... ]
;B[qi]C[B81 is trying to attack whites corner ... !? ]
;W[kj]C[White again ignores ... ]
;B[oh]C[white is confident that "2" and "3" are miai. ]
(;W[ll]TR[km][ko][kp][kq][kr]C[What would a Professional play in this situation to bring this group to live? Is there a good strategy? ]
;B[kn]C[This way white was lucky and black got killed. ]
;W[qc]C[Is there a way to kill the corner? ]
(;W[pa]C[This move is like a pass ... white is allready alive. ]
;B[jg]C[This looks like black runs away and white lost much ]))
;B[pe]C[In my eyes this looks very bad for white ... ])
;W[rh]C[i think i would play "2" here ... ]
;W[qi]C[... i think white is not unhappy ... ])
(;B[og]C[No i`m not sure about a good white answer ... maybe "a" , "b" or "c" ]SL[og:sn]
;W[on]TR[pd]C[ Takao Shinjis writes in his Joseki-Dictonary , that next for B to play at "2" is a powerfull move if black has a position in the upper right corner ...
Next B at "1" is a Joseki. ]
(;B[mp]C[This is a Joseki ]SL[jo:jq][kn:kr][lm:ls][ml:ms][nj:os][pi:qs][rj:rs][sj][sl:ss])
;W[jc]C[This is "H. Takayoshi" (B) vs. "T. Kentaro" (W) W+ ]))
;W[cc]C[This is "Mok Jinseok" (B) vs. "Lee Changho" (W) W+ ]))

 Please notice:  I`m not a go teacher and there  might be mistakes, small and big ones, in this analysis.
 I use my brain   as well as Kogos Joseki DictonaryJosekipediaBrugo and the Smartgo software (with go4go- and gogod-Database) to  analyse Fuseki and Joseki. Please have fun! 

“You should look at the board and play wherever you want to. This is the way to get stronger.” Takemiya Masaki


jenj said...

"17 Kyu at WBADUK" — you are sandbagerrrrrr! ))))))

eyecatcher said...

No i`m definitively not a sandbager! I just lost too many games there ... you can read my blog-post about this topic ... ( http://truthandgo.blogspot.com/2011/03/loosing-at-wbaduk-is-fun.html ) It is just hard for me to win against a 16Kyu at Wbaduk ... seriously ;-)

jenj said...

it's a bit strange :)
we have similar level on KGS (i'm 5k), but my win-loss rate on wbaduk now is 6-2 as 9k

in other hand, i think i understand your situation :) angry, brutal, rampage style of most asian players is confusing. no law, no rules… attach, cut, fight-fight-fight :)

in another hand :)) it was big surprize for me: KGS players more insane than wbabuk!
maybe i'm lucky, but 1/2 5-6k players with "~" (aspecially from Japan. it another shock for me) are totally outrageous :)
i'm new on wbaduk and signup there for ultimate street fightings (really, i hate this. but still don't know how to handle it. like aiki-do student against skinhead whith neck of broken bottle situation. so i decide to train) and… "whaaaa? they play normal moves? they don't try to kill all stones? where am i???"

in another other hand :)))) maybe my aiki-do-like-stuff "ok. do what you want. you can't destroy all" works. i prefer to stay cool, like Jules in "Pulp Fiction" :)))

«…And that's what we're gonna be. We're gonna be cool. Now Ringo, I'm gonna count to three, and when I count three, you let go of your gun, and sit your ass down. But when you do it, you do it cool. Ready? One... two... three»


eyecatcher said...

Thank`s for the fun reply ;-) I love Pulp Fiction ... We do it cool ;-)
I will post some "serious" Wbaduk-games here soon ... maybe you can tell me your opinion then ... ^^