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About me & "Truth And Go"

Hi, my name is Amon and i play Go since 2008 soon after seeing the movie "PI", in which one can find 2 Go related scenes, i joined the Go club in Hamburg (Germany) and became a enthusiastic player. 
Also i only make slow progress, Go became a very important part of my life. 
If i would have to pick 4 Go players i highly admire i would say: 
Go Seigen, Honinbo Shuei, O Meien,  and maybe also "Ma Xiaochun. 
Mostly this decision comes not out of a deep understanding of their style, it´s a rather personal thing, i just feel sympathy for them, and somehow it came that i read in books about or from them.

Sometimes loosing one game after the other frustrates me ... than i feel how complex and hard to master this game is and doubt that i can become much stronger one day ...  but playing, even if you loose, can be so much joy  that i will never stop!
It fascinats me deeply how Go can be related to Asian philosophy like Taoism (Ying & Yang), Buddhism (Emptyness/dependent arising) and Confucianism (developing of virtue/modesty).  I think while learning Go we can learn a lot about ourselves.

On this Blog i  present mostly reviews of my own games as well
as some rather random things about Go that are comming through my mind,  internet findings like Go pictures or Go videos, thoughts about Go philosophy etc.   I don`t have neither time nor ability  to write complex essays and high class reviews on a regular basis, thats why the subtitle of this blog is "random stuff about go"... so don`t expect to much. :-D 

Why am i writing in English? I love to write in english because it is a nice feeling that by using english one can connect with Go players all over the world ... but i`m not a native speaker and my abilities to write in english are not very good ...

I once read this quote of Go Seigen and did like it a lot:

“Competition and faith are my life-long vocations. Like water and fire, I depend on both. When I couldn’t outrank the others, it was time for me to leave. There are two things in my life, truth and Go.” 

My internet-go usernames (mostly active on KGS and DGS): 
KGS/DGS/Tygem/OGS/ Panda: Eyecatcher
Wbaduk/DGS (second:) : truthandgo