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Monday, October 3, 2011

Game Review No. 2

I just played this game about 1 hour ago ... some comments are included in the file.

I think i made two essential mistakes: 
1. Capturing much too slow, and unnecessary with Black89, B91, and B93
 – this was ridiculous.
2. Black 157 is a good example for my problem,
which is to - sometimes - refuse thinking in essential moments.

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[1800]OT[4x70 byo-yomi]
GN[eyecatcher KGS ]PW[Ma****]PB[eyecatcher]WR[6k]BR[6k]DT[2011-10-03]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[W+8.50]
;B[qe]BL[1374.3]C[In most pro-games W plays next at "2" , but "1" is played very much as well ... ]
;B[hd]BL[1354.4]C["2" is the most common move (joseki) ]
;B[ci]BL[1281.9]C[Looks like good for B ]
;W[pb]WL[1455.2]C[Interesting ]
;B[dm]BL[1177.2]C[It is a ladder breaker ]
;B[nq]BL[977.5]C[Next for W to play at "2" does not work ... !? (i don`t think so, but i`m not 100% sure ... see some variations) ]
;W[mp]WL[1377.4]TR[fl][em][fm][kp][mp]C[W has to weak groups now]
;B[fn]BL[915.6]C[B49 seems to be not a good move ... because after W50 B hast to defend one more move and ends up in gote ... allowing white to play the important attack W52 ]
;B[qq]BL[883.5]C[B53 looks strange , overplay ?! ]
;W[qp]WL[1358.2]C[W56 looks like a mistake, maybe white should have played at B57 instead ... ]
;B[gm]BL[346.5]C[ B thinks he has nothing to loose ... and captures very very slow ... ]
;W[he]WL[1151.8]C[This move seems to be big for white! ]
;B[gl]BL[340.4]C[Black is thinking that nothing can stop him now :-) ]
;W[jd]WL[1106.6]C[Now white made a lot of territorry at the top, B was too arrogant. Next , maybe B95 is better at "2" or "3" !?
;W[li]WL[994.9]C[In order to win B has to kill W in the center. ]
;W[mf]WL[924.7]C[Next B123 feels like a bad move now ... maybe better at "2" ? It seems allready that black can`t kill white ... ]
;B[pf]BL[159.3]TR[kd][ke][me][ne][lf]C[B group is in great danger ... next W with 134 should direct attack it at "3" ? ]
(;B[nj]BL[150.9]C[If W plays here ... W is allive. ]
;W[jf]WL[792.3]C[Is there a way for B to save his group? ]
(;B[jj]BL[70]OB[4]TR[ki][kj][lj]C[This is the big loosing move ... B somehow stopped thinking at this moment :-) ... somehow B was confident that his group at the top would survive and that he could than still kill W ... :-) ... if B would have sacrificed 3 stones and let W live ... the game would have been close.
;W[ig]WL[776.5]C[It is not hard to read out that W kills B with this move! ]
;W[ih]WL[772.3]C[if B would have saved his group he would still lead with few points. ]
;B[kn]BL[70]OB[4]C[Now B would have a victory which he does not diserved ... W made a strange mistake. ]
;W[ds]WL[618]C[ ]
;B[do]BL[70]OB[4]C[B misses whites tesuji here at "2" ... later W discovers it and gained the well deserved win! Last comment. ]
;B[kh]C[very bad for W])
;W[jh]C[W suceeded ... ])
;W[dg]C["1" is a mistake ]
;B[eh]C[This Joseki has a lot of variations ... ^^]))

“You should look at the board and play wherever you want to. This is the way to get stronger.” Takemiya Masaki


jenj said...

c8@42 don't work pretty good, but b9 looks like huge yose move


eyecatcher said...

Thank you! I think you are right!