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Friday, November 11, 2011

Some Links

Some great things you should not miss! 
-Go Down Under: An interview with David Ormerod
-The Scoop.it topic about Go Seigen, one of the greatest go players in history 
-Some interesting information about Go history
-The Scoop.it topic about Go , curated by GoGameGuru
and there, the following two articles i liked most: 
  1. the-important-skill-of-calculation/
  2. how-to-get-better-at-go/ 
-http://www.weiqiok.com Chinese Go website with a lot of free tsumegos. 
-igokisen : Very cool , you find the most (or all?) important professional tournaments and titles here ... often you can download the kifu ... the main sites are looking like this: 

I´m sure most of you know these sites already, but this post is just for those who did not :-)

And last but not least this picture was found here: http://www.flickriver.com/photos/tags/baduk/interesting/
You will find a lot of other interesting go pictures there, and constantly new pictures are added! 

“Competition and faith are my life-long vocations. Like water and fire, I depend on both. When I couldn’t outrank the others, it was time for me to leave. There are two things in my life, truth and Go.” Go Seigen

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