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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Regrettable Game

This game was played with 25 min + 5 x 30 seconds ...
I played poorly...
B9 is very unusual ... the next time i meet a much stronger player i will ask what he (or her) would play with w10.
W12 was maybe a bit naive.
I think W24 is a mistake, better play at P4 ?! After w47 i was not feeling bad about the game ... W110 is a big mistake ... how could i think that i can kill this group if b did not answer? Or is there a way? I din`t think so now ... playing a ko threat which is not threat is silly...
I just overlooked that i had to protect against the atari with w112... actually there would have been enough time to think...

(truthandgo.blogspot.com/modus-operandi  = Older blog entry which explains why i`m publishing all my "serious" games here  )

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[1500]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]
PW[eyecatcher]PB[HeGeX]WR[6k]BR[6k]DT[2011-10-29]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[B+Resign]
;B[pp]BL[1496.462]C[eyecatcher [6k\]: Have a good game
HeGeX [6k\]: good game :)
;W[dc]WL[1459.861]C[HeGeX [6k\]: you sure like that starting :)
eyecatcher [6k\]: yes
HeGeX [6k\]: i should open some how different now. last time i was in trouple too much :)
eyecatcher [6k\]: i allways play this ... recently
;W[co]WL[1429.317]C[HeGeX [6k\]: i like basic 4x4 3x4 :)
eyecatcher [6k\]: ballanced
;B[fj]BL[30]OB[5]C[eyecatcher [6k\]: Thank you for the game
HeGeX [6k\]: ty :)
HeGeX [6k\]: that was different but i had to think :)
eyecatcher [6k\]: of course you should think
eyecatcher [6k\]: ;-D
HeGeX [6k\]: :D
HeGeX [6k\]: its not always that "ofcourse" :D
HeGeX [6k\]: but f10 was nothing. my mistake
eyecatcher [6k\]: if you play against a 10 kyu maybe , but ecen then i have to think
eyecatcher [6k\]: even
HeGeX [6k\]: i dont know. lately i have felt 6k's are quite easy :) you were not :)
eyecatcher [6k\]: ah, yes
eyecatcher [6k\]: i know what you mean
eyecatcher [6k\]: sometimes there is a 6 kyu and plays very poor
HeGeX [6k\]: yeah
eyecatcher [6k\]: but sometimes you get beaten by a 7 kyu!
eyecatcher [6k\]: kyu grades are not meaning much i think
HeGeX [6k\]: yeah there has been some 7 and 8k's who plays really hard
eyecatcher [6k\]: and if you have a good day ... you can win against anybody ...
eyecatcher [6k\]: ok not anybody ...
eyecatcher [6k\]: :))
HeGeX [6k\]: yeah :)

“You should look at the board and play wherever you want to. This is the way to get stronger.” Takemiya Masaki


jenj said...

hmmm… looks like no problems with mv.9. it's a thin, light shape. if you will made (natural!) laddr-breaker @P16 D5 became cuttable. if not… C7 break black shape apart anyway… or i miss something?

B6 just invite black fix all aji there and after D11 enclose you in the corner with E3, naturally (again :) building nice wall facing to Q4…


eyecatcher said...

Oh yes, i think you are right, b6 was not good ... thank you! ... no mv 9 is not a problem ... i just did not know what good move to play with W10...

Nate said...

F3 is the most natural play for W10. Black hasn't departed too significantly from the joseki response, which would call for preventing the cut with either a solid connection (D6) or a tiger's mouth (D7), so it's very natural for white to continue a la the joseki and extend to the right.

Certainly, if white gets to extend toward black on the left (say, at C12 or D12), it will be apparent that black has suffered some containment for the strange move. Even if black extends first, black looks a little over-concentrated for the amount of territory they get.

Because of this, black's sole hope for compensation is to take a big move elsewhere after W10, taking sente. This is, I believe, the purpose behind B9.