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Friday, October 28, 2011

Again 2 Long Games

Maybe the kifu of a KGS 6 kyu are not a very interesting thing  ...  but to publish all my "serious" games, helps me to concentrate better while i`m playing them ... it is a psychological thing, because if i know that i`m going to publish them here, i will try harder to avoid shameful mistakes ... :-)

The first game contains quite a few variations and comments.
Time : 30 min + 3x 1:10 min Byo-yomi , i was black.

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50]TM[1800]OT[3x70 byo-yomi]
GN[frescacho-eyecatcher]PW[frescacho]PB[eyecatcher]WR[5k]BR[6k]DT[2011-10-25]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[Time: 30 min + 3x 1:10 Byo-yomi. I was black. ]RE[B+Resign]
;W[dc]WL[2082.2]C[Next i played the bit unusual two-space high approach ... b most often plays "2" (variation) next or "3" (variation) ]
(;B[df]BL[2038.1]C[Next for white to pincer at "2" (variation) is a good move! ]
;B[cj]BL[2029.1]C[B7 is a joseki move in this situation]
;W[qo]WL[2053.5]C[Next for b it is possible, and maybe better, to play at "2" (variation) ]
(;B[pm]BL[1981.3]C[Is this a good move? ]
;W[rq]WL[2033.6]C[I think this move is bad. It would have been better to jump out... (?)]
;W[rl]WL[2018]C[Black has gained thikness and white lost sente ]
;B[ic]BL[1847.3]C[In the game i thought white should not take tenuki from the upper left corner ... and white did not tenuki ... but maybe it would have been possible to play elsewhere? I still would not - as white... ]
;B[gd]BL[1743.9]C[I thought a lot before i decided to try this move ... it looks a bit strange ... maybe it is bad ... but it is one of those moves Takemiya Masaki talks about ... you just have to play those moves which are attracting you ... even if you are affraid that it is just a bad mistake. Find out later... and learn ... ]
;W[qf]WL[1907.9]C[W tenuki. ]
;B[qd]BL[1724.2]C[Simple answer. ]
;B[md]BL[1705.1]C[B tenuki ]
;W[pj]WL[1889.3]C[W28 too slow? ]
;B[ql]BL[1672.6]C[Next white answers ... but is B31 really sente? "2" (Variation) ]
(;W[rm]WL[1870.8]C[I think b31 was not sente, w could tenuki ... ]
;B[gp]BL[1633.8]C[Now b get`s a big place]
;W[mq]WL[1864.5]C[Too near to blacks thickness? ]
;B[eq]BL[1621.8]C[Black was strengthening himself before attacking the white stone at the bottom ]
;B[oq]BL[1548]C[B does not want to play Ko now ... ]
;W[lr]WL[1827.2]C[Because W has still a way to the center ... i did not liked the idea to stop her from connecting with b 53 at "2" (variation) ]
;W[os]WL[1822.8]LB[nl:A]TR[qj][qk][ql][pm][pn][po][op][nq][oq][or]C[Now b group is a bit weak and not yet allive. But because i had a stone at "A" i took tenuki ... maybe a stronger opponent would have attacked my group immediately?]
;B[dm]BL[1478.9]C[I think this move is not good ... ]
;B[fq]BL[1422.3]C[What if white next at "2" (variation) ]
;B[kp]BL[1413.5]TR[jp]C[This white stone is dangerous ... ]
;W[kl]WL[1668.3]C[Now the ko get`s forgotten for a long time ...]
;W[oj]WL[1585.7]C[B is still not 100% allive ... ]
;W[rf]WL[1560.9]C[I think this move w122 was not very usefull. ]
;B[kh]BL[732.6]C[B123 is a preparation for playing at N14 with b125 ... but white did not saw that one comming ... ]
;B[jh]BL[647.9]C[Now w is in trouble. ]
;W[kk]WL[1492.1]C[W tries to save all of her groups at the same time ... ]
;W[bg]WL[1461]C[I was suprised by this move ... did w acepted that the center group is dead or is this move aiming at a way to help this group in the center? ]
;W[jo]WL[1397.5]C[If w would kill the big black group at the bottom ... white would probably win ... ]
;W[fs]WL[1388.5]C[I was afraid here .. can w kill b? ]
;W[ip]WL[1372.3]C[i think this move is not good to kill b]
;B[hq]BL[191.4]C[Can white kill black now? ]
;W[af]WL[1299.5]C[Now white connects 2 stones ... of course it is big move, but not enough to win the game. ]
;B[bp]BL[100]C[Does w need to answer here? "2" (Variation) I`m not sure but i think B201 was not a real threat! If w would have ignored it, white could win the game! What do you think? Can white ignore b201? Last comment here. ]
(;B[bm]C[i think "2" is better now]
;B[dr]C[This way it is a desaster for w])
(;B[qb]C[This way, w is leading! ]))))
;W[bm]C[Black doesn`t need to connect at "1" (variation) ]
;W[ci]C[Good for white ... ])
;B[bq]C[If white tries to split ... ]
;W[lq]C[I did not like this ]))
;B[rm]C["1" is bad]
;B[ro]C[This is of course not possible])
;W[qs]C[Can b kill white? ]
;W[rr]C[This way w is allive ])
;W[so]C[I think b31 was not sente, w could tenuki ...]))))
;W[gq]C[This opening was played by Cho U (w) and Kong Jie (b) w+ 30.08.2006])
;W[pp]C[a ladder breaker]
;W[oq]C[This opening was played by Ryu Shikun (b) vs. Cho Sonjin (w) b+ 21.9.2000
A few minutes before i started to write this review, i read the cheapter about this joseki in "100 tips for amature players" by Yoon Youngsun , so i was choosing a variation with it. ]))

Tis game was interesting as well, but here is just the game without comments.
Time : 30 min + 3x 1:10 min Byo-yomi , i was white.
RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[2100]OT[3x70 byo-yomi]
PW[eyecatcher]PB[Catlow]WR[6k]BR[6k]DT[2011-10-24]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[Catlow [6k\]: hi gg
;B[pd]BL[2092.781]C[eyecatcher [6k\]: Hello, good game for you

“You should look at the board and play wherever you want to. This is the way to get stronger.” Takemiya Masaki

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