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Sunday, October 23, 2011

2 Long Games and Some Words About Poka

Sometimes one should stop playing one fast game after the other ... again and again... i think you can only feel  the real beauty of the game if you think hard and long ... if you do not make poka (blunder) and if you try hard to find the best move in each situation.

"Smartbot" a KGS-legend is suggesting this as well in this interview at Gosensations.com:
As for kids self studying, my suggestion is:
1. Playing more serious slow games instead of blitz games.
2. Reading more Go books.
3. Paying attention to Asian top pro games, trying to guess the idea behind each move.
'Smartrobot' 9d (Jin Jing 2p) 

By the way... here are the first lines at Sensei's Library about Poka :

A blunder (poka in Japanese) is a mistake of which one feels it is way below one's level. There are two issues:
VelobiciA blunder is a result of Go blindness. A situation in which you fail to see what is thud-simple when pointed out to you.

If you are having problems with the poka-issue  as well (like i have) ... the article "how to avoid blunders" could be useful for you, here are the 7 points without the explanation:

1) Sit On Your Hands.
2) Think Before You Play.
3) Use a Squeeze Ball or Similar Object
4) Use Checklists.
5) Ignore Your Assumptions
6) Put Your Blunders Behind You.
7) Don't Move (and Think) Until You're Uncertain.
Now, here 2 "serious" games i played recently ... the first one contains some comments and variations! I was black.
Time: 30 min + 4 x 1min Byo-Yomi
RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50]TM[1800]OT[4x60 byo-yomi]
GN[shape-eyecatcher]PW[shape]PB[eyecatcher]WR[4k]BR[6k]DT[2011-10-21]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[This game was quite interesting.]RE[W+14.50]
;W[pp]WL[2097.1]C[White makes a diagonal opening possible.]
;B[cd]BL[2062.7]C[Black plays second komoku]
;B[dn]BL[2046.3]C[The Opening until here is playable, and has been played by some professionals ...]
(;W[gp]WL[2059.6]LB[fp:A]C[This is not a "normal" Joseki move in this situation! Normally W plays W6 at "A" ]
;B[cj]BL[2033.8]LB[fp:A]C[If W would have played W6 at A, B6 would be a normal answer ... ]
;B[pg]BL[2006.6]LB[pp:X]C[Is the pincer of B9 a good move here? ]
;W[qd]WL[1977]C["2" = Variation]
(;B[nc]BL[1971]LB[ob:A]C[B13 is not a joseki move ... B13 at A would have been joseki. ]
;B[pb]BL[1961.9]C[B15 looks very slow know in my eyes ]
;B[qj]BL[1912.7]LB[ph:A]C[Yes? Connection at A would have been better maybe ... ]
;B[of]BL[1680]C[Know B can play a latter breaker... threatening two capture two white stones with a latter ]
;B[ip]BL[1664.2]C[The latter breaker is not a threat for whites position so she has not to answer it. ]
;B[qk]BL[1632.3]C[black does not feel very good.]
;B[pl]BL[1622.8]C[If white cut`s next?!? "2" (Variation) ]
;B[nq]BL[1613.4]C[B makes use of his latter breaker.]
;B[pn]BL[1591.1]C[Should W cut next at "2"? (Variation) ]
;W[oh]WL[1624.8]C[W shape is inefficient now]
;B[mf]BL[1549.6]LB[nl:A]C[It thnik B49 at A would have been a better move ...]
;W[ke]WL[1579.1]LB[ol:A]C[Know protect the cut at A is the most important place on the board?!? I don`t know! ]
;B[dg]BL[884.7]C[This was a strange game ... i did not count my territory till the end, and i was quite sure to win this game ... ]
;W[lk]WL[907]C[B should be able to connect if he plays at "2" now ...
(;B[fi]BL[692.4]TR[je][jf][jg]C[I think this is the most painfull move for B ... if i would have saved 3 stones in the upper center , i think i still would have had a chance to win. ]MA[hg]
;B[dc]BL[473.2]C[While i was playing i still thought that i`m leading ... but actually W is leading now!!
This is the last comment! ]
;B[eg]C[B should be able to connect ]))
;B[nr]C[I think W should not cut with W40 ]
;B[ms]C[This is not good for B , because her group in the corner is in great great danger ... ])
;B[pm]C[B is good ]))
;B[of]C[This position (only the upper right corner) is from a pro game: Kato Masao vs. Ishida Akira]))

In the next game (i was black) the situation after B155 was interesting.
I thought that W156 at F8 would kill blacks group in the center ... but afterwards i thought i found a way that even then black can survive.
If W 156 at F8 ... than B157 at F10 ... white has to pull out the stone at F8 now ...W158 at E9 ... B159 at F11 ... white is forced now to play at G13 ! ... then black atari at E12 ... white F13...
black E13 ... BUT for a while i missed the move white F14 ... if white plays there, black has no longer a way to survive.
Time: 30 + 2 x 50 seconds Byo-Yomi
RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[1800]OT[2x50 byo-yomi]
GN[mk2-eyecatcher]PW[mk2]PB[eyecatcher]BR[6k]DT[2011-10-21]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[B+4.50]
;B[pc]BL[296.3]C[mk2 [?\]: hi
eyecatcher [6k\]: Hello, good game for you
;B[fl]BL[50]OB[2]C[eyecatcher [6k\]: i think White at F8 would have killed

“You should look at the board and play wherever you want to. This is the way to get stronger.” Takemiya Masaki

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