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Monday, March 10, 2014

(Updated) Intuition is good, reading is better! + 1 Game Review

( i'm not a english native speaker, so please excuse some mistakes and maybe awkward formulations)

So what`s going on lately in my go live?

I started again to play frequently at KGS, for some time rated as a 4 Kyu, now back to 5 kyu. But that`s fine, i think 4 kyu was highly overrated... i won some fast games by luck.
So... i`m still not very good at Life and Death, which, in my oppinion, is training the "key ability" in go:  reading out possible variations. Your intuition, your sense for the fuseki or for the strategy can be good, but without the possibility to really read out, more or less, long sequences, espacially L&D your will be soon lost in go and make no further progress.
I use to not see this clearly, i thought
"i`m so bad at soving L & D and  it is soo boring, i will just play more games and become better at    l&d naturally" ... but this does not work (at least for me) and so i started to push my self to do some problems every day. I still have my problems with them, sometimes thinking 5 minutes or more over a problem labled as "10 kyu" :-D
But even with life & death i have my good moments, and i`m very passionate to get better at it. When i`m not playing or reviewing my own games, my main study object, at the moment, is solving L&D and reading books about it. There are a lot of fine books about this topic, for example  "Key Concepts of live and Death" or "Life and Death Problems" by Robert Jasiek. And suddenly, after i acepted the need to learn l&d, it started to become a bit more fun than before.

And as i mentioned in a earlier update recently i tried out the "solving in the mind" tsumego technique.
Somehow i forgot to go on whith this in the last few  days, but i will start again from now on.
And there was a first sucess allready,  i managed to visualize and solve one problem 100% in my mind, that was a great experience. You should try this as well!

In the mean time i did not play many long games at KGS, even while i think i`m a bit better when i play long games. In my every day life i`m a bit slow as well... and even in school i almost never finished my exams right in time hahah :D 

To play fast games often has many benefits, it helps to learn basic things very fast... after each game you can check the joseki and fuseki, and so learn new things fast. When you play a 2 hours game, it is a bit more complicated to not feel sorry if you play a somehow "stupid" move. Fast games can be taken easy and are fun too. (I`m not talking about lightning/blitz games here, these are fun as well, but i think you do not learn much appart from strenghtening your intuition, which is of course important too.) 

Last year, before our daughter was born, i remember how important it was for me to draw a line between fast / long games ... to somehow say
"no this was just a fast game, i`m much stronger when i play serious..."
But i learned that the game should allways be played serious, and that how you manage the time limit, on which both players agreed on, is a important part of ones own "strength".  But of course, i still think, that the true beauty of go evolves when playing long games... even when i see more benefit in playing much faster games... 
In order to, besides that, enjoy a lot of long and slow games as well i play a lot at DGS at the moment... maybe too many games :-) and because i started soooo many games i tend to play fast at DGS as well... hahahaha  :D

 Here a picture i took today from our daughter (10 months now) 

But i was playing a few long games at kgs and espacially two of them i want to share today.
The one with much comments  by myself was when i played as 4 kyu against another 4 kyu.

The other one was a long awaited game with BenGoZen, i think you all know his wonderfull Go blog! http://www.bengozen.com/
It was a great pleasure to play such a long and interesting game. Before we played the game i allready started with the review of the other long game, so the game against BenGoZen is not yet reviewed.

Finally one more random thing:

As i allways tend to hang arround a lot on twitter, i was posting a tweet

"Intuition is good, reading is better. #key #Go #baduk #weiqi"

and @igoPau replied

“there should be a meme "why not both" with your tweet ;)" 

soo i quickly made my first, and as far as planed ONLY go meme ever (I`m not really a big meme fan, but in this situation i could not resist =)

Maybe you enjoy the following review of a very long game i played as 4 kyu vs. a other 4 kyu, i won with a very small margin of 5,50 as white... and i think it was a interesting game. Please leave comments on your thoughts  :-)
The Sakata Eio - Go Seigen  game is given here as well because i mention this game in my review.

(;GM[1]FF[4]SZ[19]AP[SmartGo:]CA[UTF-8] GN[2014-03-06a] PW[eyecatcher]WR[4k] PB[madrone7]BR[4k] DT[2014-03-06] PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/] KM[6.5] RE[W+5.50] RU[Japanese] TM[1800.0]OT[2x120 byo-yomi] C[This was a very long game, i think we played something like 2 hours or more. ] CH[1]FA[];B[pd]BL[1792.9];W[dc]WL[1781.0] C[I was white. ];B[dp]BL[1789.8] C[Cross fuseki ];W[qo]WL[1771.0] C[Most of the time i love to fight, so i play sometimes influence orientated "fighting moves" like this. But i'm not 100% fighter / agressive all the time... I like to invade and make live as well... so i think i did not found my style yet, maybe never will =) ] ;B[de]BL[1781.1];W[ce]WL[1738.1];B[cf]BL[1766.1];W[cd]WL[1730.3];B[dg]BL[1764.0] ;W[ef]WL[1718.2];B[df]BL[1757.7];W[ed]WL[1705.7] C[I saw this joseki in a Sakata Eio vs. Go Seigen game once. It is one of my facorite games and i replayed it very often in order to be able to replay it ... now i think i can't remember all the moves, but when i did study it i could replay the first 100 moves. What of course does not mean that i did understood them :-D ] ;B[ck]BL[1752.1] C[Next move would maybe have been better at 2 ] (;W[ee]WL[1683.6] C[You can see the Go Seigen Sakata game below.];B[lc]BL[1730.3] C[Super wide shimari. I reminds me at the O Meien style (Meienism). Black does want of course to limit the power of whites wall. ] TR[ed:ef];W[pq]WL[1660.6] C[Haha, now my "great" fighting move at 3/5 point is transformed in to a part of a normal shimari... just the move order reversed... ] ;B[jp]BL[1721.6] C[ok now there are much possibilities for white...1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 where the moves i thought about. (variations are included just skip right.) ] (;W[lp]WL[1618.5] C[Was this a good move? I do not regret it. ];B[kn]BL[1712.9] C[but anyway black has a nice mojo and i fell like my fuseki up to now was not very good. Invade san-san now would be a option, or invasion arround 3] (;W[nc]WL[1610.5] C[This isn't a shimari or is it?! :) Maybe i just played here because this point is soo obvious =) ] ;B[ic]BL[1706.1] C[Next play at 2 is the obvious answer... but i thought that this is not a good way to play because black allready has a two point extension. ] (;W[qf]WL[1591.7] C[Maybe 2 ( joseki database pattern) next is better? ] (;B[oe]BL[1685.8] C[Without the white wall at E16 i would not have played next at "1" but invade san-san.] (;W[md]WL[1569.8];B[ke]BL[1669.1];W[pb]WL[1547.1];B[qc]BL[1647.5];W[qb]WL[1517.6] ;B[rb]BL[1600.7];W[rc]WL[1490.5];B[rd]BL[1589.1];W[pc]WL[1480.5];B[qd]BL[1587.2] ;W[od]WL[1465.0] C[if black takes tenuki next ( 2) ] (;B[pf]BL[1581.9];W[qg]WL[1454.9];B[mf]BL[1576.5];W[mb]WL[1430.4] C[I think black could have killed the group ... maybe with a move at 2 ? ] (;B[lb]BL[1571.7];W[ob]WL[1419.2] C[anyway in the game white could live];B[fh]BL[1538.1];W[eh]WL[1379.1] C[strange move. I knew that black will cut... but the mojo is too big, i had to do something ... ] ;B[eg]BL[1523.0];W[bh]WL[1340.7];B[bg]BL[1496.4];W[cj]WL[1328.6] C[i did not know at this point that this stone will become important later. ] ;B[dj]BL[1481.8] C[Ok, after this strong looking response i decided to invade another time. ] ;W[gp]WL[1298.1];B[eq]BL[1449.5];W[bq]WL[1282.6] C[and another invasion... this looks like carazy, and i``m quite sure if a dan player would review this, it would be easyli explained that my moves a kind of overplay... but in the end, black made some mistakes and i was sucessfull... it is a important thing to review ones own games, because if you win with "mistake-moves", because your opponent made more mistakes, you think your mistakes were good moves. ] ;B[bp]BL[1426.6] C[But i allways go with the Takemia Masaki quote "“You should look at the board and play wherever you want to. This is the way to get stronger.” Even if later it gets clear that thoose were mistakes... if there is a spot on the board were i feel a need to play there... i play it. ] ;W[cr]WL[1266.9] C[2 would have been better maybe. I think black could have punished white 50 much better, i ould not play there again, even while black mistakes, while handling this, were giving me somehow the victory.] (;B[dr]BL[1414.6] C[This was a mistake] (;W[cp]WL[1249.7];B[co]BL[1407.8];W[cq]WL[1240.9] (;B[bo]BL[1360.5];W[dq]WL[1074.0] (;B[fp]BL[1346.8];W[er]WL[1067.2];B[fr]BL[1343.6];W[ds]WL[1045.5];B[gq]BL[1301.3] ;W[do]WL[1038.6];B[ep]BL[1299.6];W[dn]WL[1030.5];B[cm]BL[1291.8];W[dk]WL[1018.9] C[Black made many mistakes here, i was lucky];B[ej]BL[1253.5];W[cl]WL[1008.6] C[now, "white 46" helps to do something painfull for black here. ];B[bk] BL[1244.9];W[cn]WL[921.6];B[bn]BL[1205.6];W[bm]WL[913.5];B[bl]BL[1059.8] ;W[dm]WL[836.2];B[bj]BL[1000.8];W[al]WL[742.9] C[White should be ahead now. ];B[qi]BL[960.2] C[In the end black was catching up a lot and without komi white would have lost the game. ] ;W[ci]WL[730.7];B[bi]BL[937.0];W[ch]WL[714.0];B[ah]BL[912.6];W[ei]WL[606.2] ;B[fi]BL[880.3];W[fj]WL[596.8];B[ek]BL[864.1];W[pi]WL[492.7];B[pj]BL[837.6] ;W[oh]WL[434.3];B[qh]BL[819.1];W[qj]WL[420.0];B[rj]BL[782.8];W[qk]WL[413.3] ;B[rk]BL[780.5];W[ql]WL[403.8];B[rl]BL[696.4];W[qm]WL[388.9];B[ph]BL[670.1] ;W[nk]WL[337.5];B[mn]BL[647.9];W[ko]WL[321.7];B[jo]BL[632.8];W[ln]WL[313.4] ;B[lm]BL[628.5] C[2 would look like very bad shape ] (;W[mo]WL[304.3];B[mm]BL[570.5];W[km]WL[295.1];B[jn]BL[568.3];W[kl]WL[284.7] C[i think this was a bit too agressive ];B[mk]BL[537.5];W[oi]WL[221.1];B[mj] BL[503.5];W[mh]WL[195.1];B[kj]BL[490.2];W[gj]WL[171.4] C[This is again some kind of "you should play wherever you want" move ... i thought ... maybe this move is the worst move i could play, like a pass... but it looks so interesting, maybe it can help ... I JUST HAVE TO PLAY HERE :D ] ;B[ik]BL[447.8];W[gh]WL[155.4];B[fg]BL[430.3];W[nn]WL[134.9] C[black starts with reducing the big white territorry in the lower right] ;B[nm]BL[420.1];W[on]WL[124.7];B[lq]BL[391.8];W[mq]WL[108.9];B[kq]BL[389.4] ;W[mr]WL[99.1] C[this move is not really sente, there are bigger places... and in the end i did not managed to play the monkey jump! Very bad. ] ;B[gf]BL[317.4];W[pg]WL[87.9] C[Bringing nearly dead stones back to live is one of my favorite things :) I think Lee Sedol is famous for that, i like it. ] ;B[rg]BL[225.3];W[rf]WL[77.7];B[rh]BL[221.5];W[of]WL[54.6];B[pe]BL[209.1] ;W[si]WL[52.3];B[sg]BL[145.0];W[sf]WL[32.6];B[sj]BL[117.6];W[nf]WL[120.0] OW[2];B[ne]BL[77.2];W[me]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[nd]BL[66.5];W[mc]WL[120.0]OW[2] ;B[na]BL[38.0];W[ra]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[sb]BL[34.7];W[lf]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[kf] BL[120.0]OB[2];W[lg]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[kh]BL[120.0]OB[2] C[Now white has killed another group... but the center is verry large and black is strong there ... the outcome of the game will be decided there... ] ;W[rm]WL[120.0]OW[2] C[This is sente and white can play here whenever he wants ... but - loosing a possible ko threat. ] ;B[sl]BL[120.0]OB[2] C[So ... what about the center? ];W[gc]WL[120.0]OW[2] C[Ok, this was a good point to reduce black. ];B[hb]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[bf] WL[120.0]OW[2] C[If black tenuki / 2 ] (;B[be]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[bd]WL[120.0]OW[2] C[Protecting the corner in sente. ];B[af]BL[120.0]OB[2] C[Next move i guess would have been better at 2, trying to do something more with the two marked stones... ] TR[fj:gj] (;W[he]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[ge]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[kd]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[jd]BL[120.0] OB[2];W[kb]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[kc]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ma]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[fb]BL[120.0] OB[2];W[gb]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[ga]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[eb]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[fc]BL[120.0] OB[2];W[fd]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[gd]BL[120.0]OB[2] C[Painfull for white, white lost the connection to the marked stone!!! Big mistake i think. ] TR[he];W[ec]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[fa]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ea]WL[120.0]OW[2];B[hc] BL[120.0]OB[2];W[la]WL[120.0]OW[1] C[black reduced white, white connected to stone inside of blacks territorry... but because the marked stone was cut off i think this sequence was bad for white... ] TR[fd][he];B[fm]BL[120.0]OB[2] C[And white lost sente... black can play here... ok this is the last comment, i was lucky in this game. Hope you enjoyed it.] ;W[kg]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[jg]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[el]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[dl]BL[120.0] OB[2];W[cm]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[fl]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[jh]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ki]BL[120.0] OB[2];W[ih]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ig]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[jk]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[il]BL[120.0] OB[2];W[jj]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ji]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ld]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[jc]BL[120.0] OB[2];W[hg]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ie]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ij]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ii]BL[120.0] OB[2];W[hl]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[hk]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[gk]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[hj]BL[120.0] OB[2];W[lk]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[lj]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[om]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[nj]BL[120.0] OB[2];W[oj]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ok]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[pk]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[lr]BL[120.0] OB[2] C[eyecatcher [4k\]: haha too bad:D ];W[ol]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ml]BL[120.0] OB[2] C[eyecatcher [4k\]: i finally was not able to monkey jump ];W[dk]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[fk]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[fn]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[gn]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[im]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[jm]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[kp]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[jq]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[fs]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[gs]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[le]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[if]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[fo]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[go]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[hp]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[hq]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[eo]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[fq]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[gm]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ho]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[em]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[di]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[an]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ms]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ns]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[ls]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[nr]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[sm]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ro]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[so]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[sp]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[sn]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[rp]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[ad]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[bc]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ac]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[cb]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[ab]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[bb]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[es]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[hi]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[jl]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[fs]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[lo]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[mp]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[es]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ri]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[sh]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[fs]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[jb]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ka]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[es]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[dr]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[fs]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[rn]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ja]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ba]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[ae]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ni]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ln]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[nl]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[mi]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[lh]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ak]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[dh]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[aj]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[cg]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[ai]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[am]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[dl]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[ri]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[si]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[dk]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[ng]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[og]WL[120.0] OW[1];B[dl]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[je]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[jf]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[dk]WL[120.0] OW[1] (;B[]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[dl]WL[120.0]OW[1];B[]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[]WL[120.0]OW[1] TW[ca:da][na:qa][sa:se][db][nb][rb][cc][oc][qc:qe][nd:ne][pd:pf][rd:re][oe][mf:mg][ng:nh][pj][ok][pl:pp][bn:bp][en][qn][ao:as][co][no:oq][qp:qs][rq:ss][br:bs][or:ps][cs] TB[ha:ia][gb:gc][ib][hd:hi][id][je][bf][ag][gg:gm][bh:ch][eh:ei][ih:jh][ci:cj][ri][fj][ij:jj][jk:lk][sk][hl:hn][kl:km][ll][im:is][gp:hp][gr:hr][jr:ks][hs] ) (;B[]BL[120.0]OB[2];W[]WL[120.0]OW[1] TW[ca:da][db][cc] TB[ha:ia][ka:ma][oa:sa][gb:gc][ib][kb][mb:qb][mc:pc][rc:sc][hd:hi][id][kd:md][od][sd:sf][je][le:li][me][qe:qg][re:rf][bf][nf:of][ag][gg:gm][kg][mg:mh][og:os][pg][bh:ch][eh:ei][ih:jh][nh:ni][ci:cj][pi:ps][ri][fj][ij:jj][qj:qs][jk:lk][nk:nl][sk][hl:hn][kl:km][ll][im:is][rm:rs][nn:ns][ko:kp][mo:mr][gp:hp][lp][sp:ss][gr:hr][jr:ks][hs] )) (;W[fl];B[el];W[em] (;B[fm];W[fn];B[gm];W[gn];B[hn];W[hm];B[gl];W[hl];B[gk];W[ho];B[in];W[hq] ;B[hr] C[something like that. ]) (;B[fk];W[gl];B[gk];W[hk];B[hj];W[hl];B[fm];W[fn];B[gm] C[1 is bad ... white can`t play the net here. ] (;W[hn];B[hm]TR[hl];W[il];B[im]) (;W[gn] C[white should play carefull ... because in the end he could get short of liberties. ] TR[dl][cm][bn:bp];B[hm];W[hn];B[im];W[hq];B[hp];W[ip];B[ho];W[io];B[go];W[fo] ;B[gp];W[in];B[iq];W[hr];B[dl];W[cm];B[en];W[eo]TR[eo];B[an];W[ap];B[ak] ;W[aq];B[am] C[uuups ])))) (;B[fm];W[cg];B[ag];W[ai];B[aj];W[af];B[ai];W[ak])) (;W[lo];B[mm];W[np];B[kq];W[lq];B[on])) (;B[fr];W[ep];B[do];W[fq] (;B[er];W[gr] (;B[ds]) (;B[cs] (;W[ds];B[bs];W[br];B[es];W[ar];B[ap];W[gs];B[aq]) (;W[bs] (;B[aq];W[ds];B[ar];W[br];B[ap];W[fs]) (;B[ds];W[fs])))) (;B[gr];W[er];B[es])) (;B[er];W[ep];B[do];W[fq];B[fr];W[gr]TR[cr];B[cs];W[ds];B[es];W[bs];B[aq] ;W[ds])) (;B[dq]TR[dq];W[bo];B[bn];W[ap];B[cn])) (;W[nd])) (;B[cq] C[i think the two white stones are dead now] (;W[er];B[fr] C[Maybe white to play at 3 next would have been best. ] (;W[ds];B[fq];W[dq];B[cp] (;W[br] (;B[ep];W[aq]TR[br] (;B[as];W[bs]) (;B[bs];W[as];B[ar];W[cs])) (;B[aq];W[ep];B[fp];W[eo];B[fo])) (;W[bs];B[aq];W[ar];B[br];W[ko];B[jo];W[bq];B[dr] (;W[br];B[es];W[ap];B[bo]) (;W[jn];B[br];W[dq];B[fs];W[bq];B[dr];W[br];B[dq];W[ap]))) (;W[ar];B[bs];W[dr];B[fq];W[es];B[cs]) (;W[fq] C[next 2 ] (;B[gr];W[ep];B[dq]) (;B[dr];W[gr];B[es];W[jr];B[hq];W[hr];B[gq];W[iq];B[fp];W[ip];B[fm] C[2 or 3 maybe better? ] (;W[dk];B[ek];W[dl];B[el];W[cl];B[bk];W[bj];B[bl];W[bm];B[cm];W[dm];B[cn] ;W[ej];B[di];W[ei];B[dh];W[em];B[en]) (;W[ei]) (;W[fl];B[gl]TR[gl] (;W[fk];B[gk];W[fj];B[gj];W[fi];B[gi];W[fg];B[gh];W[di];B[ci];W[ch];B[dh] ;W[bi];B[ei];W[dk] (;B[ej]) (;B[ci];W[bf];B[bj];W[ag];B[cg] C[bad for white])) (;W[fn];B[gn];W[em];B[gm];W[fk];B[gk];W[fj];B[gj];W[fi];B[gi];W[fg];B[gh] ;W[dk];B[ei];W[ej];B[di];W[ci];B[dh];W[cl];B[bk];W[dl];B[bl];W[bm];B[bj] ;W[bi];B[ah];W[al];B[ai];W[dn];B[cn];W[cm];B[eo];W[en]))))) (;W[fr];B[er];W[dr];B[es];W[dq];B[cp];W[ep];B[fp];W[eo];B[fq]TR[fp];W[fo] ;B[gq];W[hp];B[hq];W[ip]TR[ip];B[iq];W[jq];B[jr];W[kq];B[kr]) (;W[ar];B[bs];W[er];B[fr];W[es];B[fq];W[dr];B[cs];W[dq];B[cp];W[ep];B[fp] ;W[eo];B[ap];W[aq]TR[ar];B[as];W[br];B[fs];W[ds];B[bs]))) (;B[ob] (;W[ne];B[nf];W[mc];B[oc];W[nd];B[pa];W[kc];B[ld];W[lb];B[jb];W[kd];B[le] TR[le];W[nb];B[oa];W[na];B[qa]) (;W[nb];B[pa];W[qa];B[oa];W[lb];B[kb];W[la];B[na] C[don`t know if black can kill ];W[ne] C[next 2 ! ] (;B[me];W[nf]TR[nf];B[ng];W[of];B[pe];W[og];B[pg];W[oh]) (;B[nf];W[me]TR[me] (;B[mc];W[kc];B[ld] C[next 2 ] (;W[le];B[kd]) (;W[jb])) (;B[kc];W[mc]))))) (;B[cq];W[pe] C[i think white can NOT kill the marked group ]TR[rb:rd][qc:qd][pd] (;B[qe];W[pf];B[ne] (;W[re];B[sc];W[rf];B[ra];W[me];B[nd];W[oc] (;B[mc];W[nf]TR[nf]) (;B[nf];W[mf];B[ng];W[mc])) (;W[rf];B[ra] (;W[re]TR[rc]) (;W[sc];B[sb];W[qa];B[sd]))) (;B[pf];W[qe];B[pg];W[re];B[sc]))) (;W[qc] (;B[qd]) (;B[pc] C[I think 2 is better now.] (;W[pb];B[ob];W[rb];B[pa];W[qb];B[oc] (;W[jj] C[If white tenuki, can black do anything? ];B[qd];W[rd];B[re];W[qe];B[sd] ;W[rc];B[rf];W[rg];B[qg];W[sf];B[pf];W[se] C[But this is not so good for white, so maybe white should play different ] ;B[pg]) (;W[qd] C[Tenuki looks not so good])) (;W[qd] (;B[qe];W[re];B[pe];W[qg]) (;B[og];W[qh] (;B[qe];W[re];B[pe];W[qg]) (;B[pi];W[kd])))))) (;B[nd];W[qc];B[pc];W[qd];B[pe];W[qb];B[pb];W[gc])) (;W[ne] C[The joseki sequence at "3" is from a pro game. ] (;B[pf];W[qh];B[qg];W[ph];B[qk];W[pb];B[qc];W[qm];B[ok];W[qb];B[rb];W[ra] ;B[rd];W[mb];B[lb]) (;B[qf];W[qh] (;B[oc];W[pk];B[nd];W[md];B[od];W[mc];B[me];W[ld];B[kc];W[le];B[mf]) (;B[qj];W[pb];B[qc];W[oh];B[pg];W[ph];B[og];W[ng];B[nh] (;W[nf];B[ni]) (;W[ni];B[mh];W[nf];B[oi];W[pi];B[oj];W[pj];B[ok];W[pk];B[ol];W[pl];B[np] ))) (;B[qg];W[le];B[ie];W[qi];B[oc];W[ob];B[pb];W[nb];B[of];W[qb];B[pa];W[kb] ;B[lb];W[nf];B[og];W[ig]))) (;W[cq];B[dq];W[cp];B[co];W[bo] (;B[bn];W[cn];B[do];W[bm];B[bp];W[an];B[bq];W[dl]) (;B[cn];W[bn];B[cm];W[dr];B[er];W[cr];B[fq];W[hm];B[jk];W[gk];B[gh];W[jo] ;B[ko];W[kp];B[io];W[jn];B[jm];W[in])) (;W[dn];B[fo] C[white seems not very sucessfull, maybe san san would have been the better point] )) (;W[cq] (;B[dq];W[cp];B[co];W[bo];B[bn] (;W[ap];B[cn];W[bq];B[cr];W[br];B[pj]) (;W[cn];B[do];W[bm];B[bp];W[an];B[bq];W[dl]) (;W[dr];B[er];W[br];B[bp];W[bq];B[ao];W[cs];B[aq];W[ar];B[es] (;W[ds] C[2 or 3 or 4 is needed ] (;B[qj] C[black should not tenuki];W[eq];B[fq];W[ep];B[do];W[fr]) (;B[fq]) (;B[eq]) (;B[fp];W[eq];B[fq];W[fr];B[ep])) (;W[fp]))) (;B[cp];W[dq];B[eq];W[er];B[fr];W[fq] (;B[dr];W[ep]) (;B[ep];W[gr];B[dr];W[fs];B[cr] (;W[jr]) (;W[ho] C[good for white ])))) (;W[qf];B[re];W[qe];B[qd];W[rf] (;B[np] (;W[cq]) (;W[qj];B[cq]TR[dg][ck][dp][jp][np])) (;B[cq]) (;B[jn];W[qj])) (;W[ci];B[dj];W[ei];B[di];W[eh] (;B[pj];W[dh];B[ch];W[bh];B[cg];W[bf];B[bg];W[ag];B[bi];W[eg];B[ah];W[be] ) (;B[dh])) (;W[jc];B[le];W[qf];B[re];W[pj];B[qh];W[of];B[pf];W[pg];B[pe];W[qg];B[qj] ;W[qk];B[pi];W[oi];B[oj];W[pk];B[oh];W[ni];B[ph];W[og];B[nh])) (;W[cm];B[co];W[em];B[ek];W[ci] C[Ok, that`s complicated... :)) ]))

(;GM[1]FF[4]SZ[19]AP[SmartGo Kifu:3.3]CA[utf-8] GN[1957-07-02a] PW[Go Seigen]WR[9d] PB[Sakata Eio]BR[9d] EV[1st Nihon Saikyo League]RO[Round 6 of 10] DT[1957-07-02,03] RE[W+4] CP[GoGoD Collection Copyright © 2001-2014 John Fairbairn. All rights reserved.] CH[1];B[qd];W[dc];B[pq];W[dq];B[oc];W[po];B[qo];W[pp];B[qp];W[oq];B[pn];W[qq] ;B[pr];W[rq];B[or];W[np];B[nq];W[qn];B[op];W[oo];B[no];W[on];B[mp];W[do] ;B[de];W[ce];B[cf];W[cd];B[dg];W[ef];B[df];W[ed];B[cl];W[ee];B[eg];W[cn] ;B[el];W[kd];B[gg];W[cj];B[dk];W[bm];B[bl];W[ph];B[pm];W[ro];B[qm];W[rp] ;B[rn];W[pk];B[ol];W[nn];B[qf];W[qg];B[pf];W[rl];B[ok];W[pj];B[mk];W[lo] ;B[oi];W[hf];B[kb];W[fk];B[fl];W[hk];B[gl];W[oj];B[nj];W[ni];B[mi];W[nh] ;B[ic];W[nc];B[lc];W[mh];B[li];W[ob];B[pc];W[md];B[ld];W[me];B[le];W[lf] ;B[kf];W[lg];B[kg];W[lh];B[kh];W[ki];B[mm];W[ih];B[mn];W[mo];B[np];W[kj] ;B[qo];W[sn];B[kk];W[nm];B[ml];W[jk];B[kl];W[lj];B[mj];W[id];B[ke];W[fi] ;B[ej];W[im];B[jn];W[ei];B[di];W[ip];B[hd];W[ie];B[gc];W[jc];B[jb];W[hb] ;B[hc];W[gf];B[eb];W[fb];B[fc];W[ec];B[gb];W[kq];B[lp];W[db];B[kp];W[dj] ;B[ci];W[ek];B[bj];W[ea];B[qi];W[pi];B[og];W[oh];B[mb];W[rg];B[nf];W[mf] ;B[ho];W[hp];B[bo];W[fj];B[cp];W[dp];B[cq];W[nb];B[pb];W[jq];B[dr];W[er] ;B[cr];W[go];B[sm];W[so];B[gn];W[jo];B[io];W[fn];B[hn];W[jp];B[ko];W[fo] ;B[ff];W[gm];B[hl];W[fe];B[fg];W[he];B[hj];W[hi];B[gk];W[ij];B[ik];W[hm] ;B[gi];W[gj];B[gh];W[hk];B[rm];W[qr];B[hj];W[nl];B[nk];W[hk];B[sr];W[sq] ;B[hj];W[ck];B[dl];W[hk];B[rs];W[qs];B[hj];W[bk];B[ak];W[hk];B[ej];W[il] ;B[es];W[fr];B[rk];W[rj];B[sj];W[qk];B[sk];W[re];B[rd];W[si];B[sl];W[ga] ;B[jh];W[ha];B[ia];W[rf];B[ri];W[od];B[pd];W[jm];B[fs];W[kn];B[ln];W[pa] ;B[qa];W[na];B[oa];W[gs];B[ds];W[pa];B[rb];W[ma];B[la];W[fa];B[ib];W[ka] ;B[mc];W[lb];B[ig];W[hg];B[la];W[qe];B[pe];W[lb];B[hh];W[ii];B[la];W[qb] ;B[qc];W[lb];B[ji];W[jj];B[la];W[bf];B[bg];W[lb];B[kc];W[jd];B[la];W[be] ;B[gr];W[lb];B[da];W[ca];B[la];W[hs];B[ja];W[jr];B[lr];W[bn];B[ag];W[sh] ;B[qj];W[co];B[bp];W[lq];B[mr];W[km];B[ps];W[qp];B[om];W[qn];B[kr];W[js] ;B[qo];W[ao];B[br];W[qn];B[oa];W[nd];B[qo];W[if];B[dj];W[qn];B[eq];W[fq] ;B[qo];W[jg];B[af];W[ae];B[rh];W[sg];B[se];W[ng];B[qn];W[eh];B[dh];W[ql] ;B[jf];W[ks];B[ap];W[ls];B[ms];W[en];B[ig];W[jl];B[an];W[am];B[dm];W[lk] ;B[ll];W[jg])
This game record was from the Gogood-Database.

So...  next here is the game i played with/against :) BenGoZen ... enjoy!

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50]TM[1800]OT[20/360 Canadian] PW[bengozen]PB[eyecatcher]WR[3k]BR[5k]DT[2014-03-07]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[bengozen [3k\]: Have a good game! eyecatcher [5k\]: so, have anice game eyecatcher [5k\]: I`m happy that we finally play :) ]RE[W+25.50] ;B[jj]BL[1764.022]C[bengozen [3k\]: Haha eyecatcher [5k\]: :) bengozen [3k\]: And looks like our first game will be a crazy one eyecatcher [5k\]: don` laugh at tengen ] ;W[oe]WL[1734.01]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: :D bengozen [3k\]: Oh I don't laugh at tengen. bengozen [3k\]: I welcome the challenge! eyecatcher [5k\]: just kidding eyecatcher [5k\]: nice answer ] ;B[dp]BL[1703.432] ;W[dd]WL[1708.721] ;B[pp]BL[1693.466] ;W[qn]WL[1643.432] ;B[np]BL[1678.285] ;W[pj]WL[1627.509] ;B[pd]BL[1616.492] ;W[qc]WL[1605.121] ;B[pe]BL[1603.889] ;W[pc]WL[1596.304] ;B[ph]BL[1586.785] ;W[od]WL[1578.394] ;B[of]BL[1541.954] ;W[nf]WL[1555.883] ;B[og]BL[1509.95] ;W[me]WL[1535.941] ;B[lc]BL[1484.23] ;W[jc]WL[1522.07] ;B[nc]BL[1431.228] ;W[oc]WL[1513.479] ;B[kd]BL[1393.092] ;W[kf]WL[1489.849] ;B[jd]BL[1310.817] ;W[ic]WL[1383.873] ;B[jf]BL[1293.625] ;W[jg]WL[1340.914] ;B[if]BL[1220.946] ;W[id]WL[1328.024] ;B[kg]BL[1195.143] ;W[kh]WL[1314.597] ;B[lg]BL[1185.528] ;W[lf]WL[1313.461] ;B[je]BL[1150.351] ;W[jh]WL[1300.814] ;B[lh]BL[1114.608] ;W[hh]WL[1264.9] ;B[nd]BL[1092.889] ;W[nb]WL[1243.023] ;B[mb]BL[1080.664] ;W[ld]WL[1210.904]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: interesting situation bengozen [3k\]: indeed! ] ;B[ob]BL[691.388] ;W[kc]WL[1203.652] ;B[md]BL[675.909] ;W[le]WL[1197.355] ;B[na]BL[666.933] ;W[ne]WL[1187.187] ;B[gf]BL[597.07] ;W[fh]WL[1171.588] ;B[fd]BL[554.053] ;W[lb]WL[1165.525] ;B[mc]BL[510.264] ;W[ka]WL[1151.778]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: i missed this move, simple but stong, tough for black now bengozen [3k\]: i was debating on its timing ] ;B[pb]BL[424.676] ;W[qb]WL[1145.778] ;B[pa]BL[412.279] ;W[ma]WL[1083.701]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: of course! ] ;B[la]BL[394.269] ;W[fe]WL[1075.639] ;B[kb]BL[382.229] ;W[ff]WL[1050.978] ;B[gg]BL[362.873] ;W[ei]WL[1034.35] ;B[gh]BL[349.684] ;W[gi]WL[1032.152] ;B[hi]BL[343.994] ;W[hg]WL[1000.857] ;B[ge]BL[281.317]C[thesirjay [7k\]: appears b has this ] ;W[gd]WL[986.198] ;B[hd]BL[273.87] ;W[gc]WL[983.467]C[thesirjay [7k\]: ah I misread ] ;B[cc]BL[240.332] ;W[cd]WL[939.319] ;B[fc]BL[226.73]C[moboy78 [4k\]: b very greedy ] ;W[gb]WL[923.57]C[thesirjay [7k\]: thought he got it all there thesirjay [7k\]: but the H16 atar wasn't effective ] ;B[dc]BL[186.217] ;W[eb]WL[878.889] ;B[ed]BL[125.235] ;W[df]WL[853.568] ;B[bd]BL[115.322]C[moboy78 [4k\]: b is making to many groups :P ] ;W[be]WL[755.571]C[Johnboy [2k?\]: hey there thesirjay [7k\]: can he find a tesuji thesirjay [7k\]: Hi Johnboy :) moboy78 [4k\]: hi Johnboy [2k?\]: ho jay Johnboy [2k?\]: hi* ] ;B[bb]BL[55.337] ;W[ad]WL[744.388] ;B[ac]BL[38.885]C[thesirjay [7k\]: bad ko for w? ] ;W[bc]WL[740.704]C[moboy78 [4k\]: b cant hope to win the ko thesirjay [7k\]: I guess not moboy78 [4k\]: p13 stones make this a cake walk for w thesirjay [7k\]: f13 nice threat thesirjay [7k\]: although maybe not enough eyes yet... ] ;B[hf]BL[301.377]OB[19] ;W[ab]WL[672.905] ;B[ih]BL[294.3]OB[18] ;W[li]WL[670.228] ;B[ki]BL[276.15]OB[17]C[thesirjay [7k\]: hunh thesirjay [7k\]: what is be thinking here I am puzzled ] ;W[ji]WL[642.203] ;B[gj]BL[251.78]OB[16] ;W[mh]WL[586.254] ;B[ni]BL[229.383]OB[15] ;W[kj]WL[578.386] ;B[ql]BL[222.93]OB[14] ;W[qq]WL[574.168] ;B[qp]BL[218.988]OB[13] ;W[rp]WL[566.491] ;B[ro]BL[211.387]OB[12] ;W[rq]WL[563.014] ;B[qo]BL[209.843]OB[11] ;W[or]WL[562.085] ;B[fg]BL[174.415]OB[10] ;W[fi]WL[549.704] ;B[ig]BL[151.793]OB[9] ;W[eg]WL[545.581] ;B[fb]BL[127.155]OB[8] ;W[fa]WL[529.635] ;B[de]BL[123.488]OB[7] ;W[ce]WL[522.78] ;B[dj]BL[81.85]OB[6] ;W[fk]WL[489.581] ;B[ii]BL[76.882]OB[5] ;W[mg]WL[484.689] ;B[dm]BL[64.505]OB[4] ;W[ci]WL[465.962] ;B[fj]BL[24.336]OB[3] ;W[ej]WL[459.742] ;B[gk]BL[17.722]OB[2] ;W[fl]WL[451.668] ;B[dk]BL[14.25]OB[1] ;W[gl]WL[442.922] ;B[hk]BL[360]OB[20] ;W[hl]WL[440.474] ;B[ik]BL[355.366]OB[19] ;W[ek]WL[437.93] ;B[di]BL[351.844]OB[18] ;W[dh]WL[433.714] ;B[cj]BL[343.112]OB[17] ;W[cq]WL[426.238] ;B[ch]BL[332.28]OB[16] ;W[cp]WL[398.7] ;B[co]BL[328.624]OB[15] ;W[bo]WL[396.47] ;B[cn]BL[323.202]OB[14] ;W[dq]WL[392.083] ;B[nl]BL[310.487]OB[13] ;W[re]WL[367.59] ;B[rg]BL[298.996]OB[12] ;W[qf]WL[346.278] ;B[pf]BL[282.298]OB[11] ;W[qg]WL[342.393] ;B[qh]BL[280.828]OB[10] ;W[nj]WL[333.792] ;B[oj]BL[266.212]OB[9] ;W[ok]WL[326.313] ;B[oi]BL[262.692]OB[8] ;W[nk]WL[323.55] ;B[pk]BL[260.963]OB[7] ;W[pl]WL[319.871] ;B[qk]BL[258.768]OB[6] ;W[ml]WL[313.114] ;B[pm]BL[254.64]OB[5] ;W[ol]WL[309.572] ;B[om]BL[251.814]OB[4] ;W[so]WL[303.164] ;B[sn]BL[248.116]OB[3] ;W[sp]WL[302.229] ;B[rn]BL[245.645]OB[2] ;W[ep]WL[280.211] ;B[fq]BL[240.768]OB[1] ;W[hq]WL[269.864] ;B[do]BL[360]OB[20] ;W[eq]WL[266.634] ;B[gp]BL[358.063]OB[19] ;W[hp]WL[255.451] ;B[go]BL[353.56]OB[18] ;W[fn]WL[245.092] ;B[ho]BL[348.75]OB[17] ;W[io]WL[242.282] ;B[ip]BL[347.137]OB[16] ;W[jo]WL[232.608] ;B[iq]BL[345.037]OB[15] ;W[hr]WL[189.179] ;B[ir]BL[326.504]OB[14] ;W[fr]WL[172.113] ;B[gr]BL[319.811]OB[13] ;W[fp]WL[158.47] ;B[gq]BL[313.942]OB[12] ;W[cl]WL[156.042] ;B[dl]BL[296.737]OB[11] ;W[bn]WL[153.942] ;B[bm]BL[295.022]OB[10] ;W[bl]WL[143.059] ;B[cm]BL[281.433]OB[9] ;W[am]WL[140.837] ;B[bp]BL[277.303]OB[8] ;W[al]WL[109.385] ;B[bk]BL[271.297]OB[7] ;W[ap]WL[72.12] ;B[ak]BL[257.939]OB[6] ;W[bq]WL[63.557] ;B[ck]BL[246.656]OB[5] ;W[an]WL[61.655] ;B[bi]BL[242.922]OB[4]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: bad move thesirjay [7k\]: did seem small thesirjay [7k\]: had mia for life with E6 ] ;W[kr]WL[12.469]C[bengozen [3k\]: For the spectators, he got DC'ed bengozen [3k\]: he's trying to get on and hopefully wil be on soon eyecatcher [5k\]: ok eyecatcher [5k\]: sorry ] ;B[im]BL[58.632]OB[3] ;W[er]WL[342.39]OW[19]C[bengozen [3k\]: no problem ] ;B[hs]BL[45.591]OB[2] ;W[hq]WL[339.902]OW[18] ;B[kq]BL[40.894]OB[1] ;W[lr]WL[319.161]OW[17] ;B[kp]BL[360]OB[20] ;W[mp]WL[300.48]OW[16] ;B[lm]BL[356.96]OB[19] ;W[nm]WL[283.318]OW[15] ;B[nr]BL[351.412]OB[18] ;W[oq]WL[266.825]OW[14] ;B[nq]BL[348.715]OB[17] ;W[op]WL[255.61]OW[13] ;B[no]BL[325.529]OB[16] ;W[oo]WL[251.629]OW[12] ;B[pr]BL[316.279]OB[15] ;W[pq]WL[244.142]OW[11] ;B[os]BL[313.925]OB[14] ;W[qr]WL[237.548]OW[10] ;B[mn]BL[300.975]OB[13] ;W[pn]WL[229.929]OW[9] ;B[qm]BL[289.901]OB[12] ;W[ps]WL[224.948]OW[8] ;B[ns]BL[277.833]OB[11] ;W[jm]WL[192.033]OW[7] ;B[in]BL[233.829]OB[10] ;W[il]WL[181.327]OW[6] ;B[jl]BL[226.503]OB[9] ;W[jn]WL[178.132]OW[5] ;B[hn]BL[222.906]OB[8] ;W[kl]WL[175.681]OW[4] ;B[jk]BL[221.111]OB[7] ;W[km]WL[173.538]OW[3] ;B[kk]BL[211.182]OB[6] ;W[ll]WL[166.472]OW[2] ;B[mj]BL[197.893]OB[5] ;W[mk]WL[160.419]OW[1] ;B[mi]BL[177.166]OB[4] ;W[nn]WL[360]OW[20] ;B[on]BL[161.731]OB[3] ;W[mo]WL[333.44]OW[19] ;B[mq]BL[146.642]OB[2] ;W[lo]WL[312.764]OW[18] ;B[lp]BL[95.84]OB[1] ;W[ko]WL[300.064]OW[17] ;B[lq]BL[360]OB[20] ;W[jp]WL[295.907]OW[16] ;B[jq]BL[347.589]OB[19] ;W[po]WL[292.237]OW[15] ;B[rm]BL[344.518]OB[18] ;W[rf]WL[288.138]OW[14] ;B[jb]BL[339.613]OB[17] ;W[ib]WL[284.603]OW[13] ;B[db]BL[327.547]OB[16] ;W[da]WL[268.575]OW[12] ;B[ca]BL[316.784]OB[15] ;W[ee]WL[253.239]OW[11] ;B[cg]BL[278.616]OB[14] ;W[ah]WL[241.806]OW[10] ;B[qa]BL[252.953]OB[13] ;W[en]WL[226.069]OW[9] ;B[bh]BL[245.905]OB[12] ;W[ag]WL[206.373]OW[8] ;B[ai]BL[217.546]OB[11] ;W[bf]WL[204.133]OW[7] ;B[rb]BL[213.151]OB[10] ;W[rh]WL[189.24]OW[6] ;B[ri]BL[205.093]OB[9] ;W[sg]WL[188.044]OW[5] ;B[si]BL[194.09]OB[8] ;W[sh]WL[174.022]OW[4] ;B[rd]BL[189.149]OB[7] ;W[qd]WL[166.548]OW[3] ;B[rc]BL[179.331]OB[6] ;W[qe]WL[164.189]OW[2]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: i` allways to laazy to count , i think your leading... maybe with 20 points and i should resign... oh man, this counting allways a problem :)) ] ;B[ja]BL[129.187]OB[5]C[bengozen [3k\]: eh? bengozen [3k\]: i'm not even sure i'm winning bengozen [3k\]: hahaha eyecatcher [5k\]: so you did not count as well haha ] ;W[lj]WL[116.279]OW[1]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: i would bet on white ] ;B[nh]BL[107.896]OB[4] ;W[pg]WL[360]OW[20]C[bengozen [3k\]: your play on the bottom was excellent bengozen [3k\]: i didn't expect to get cut off ] ;B[qj]BL[63.491]OB[3] ;W[ng]WL[351.941]OW[19]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: and you did not Ö ] ;B[oh]BL[53.922]OB[2]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: :) ] ;W[bg]WL[332.871]OW[18] ;B[rs]BL[48.887]OB[1]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: maybe seki.. don` knoe eyecatcher [5k\]: know ] ;W[rr]WL[305.925]OW[17] ;B[sr]BL[360]OB[20]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: no :) ] ;W[dg]WL[279.732]OW[16] ;B[ia]BL[355.789]OB[19]C[bengozen [3k\]: haha you had me questioning it for a second too ] ;W[ha]WL[275.726]OW[15] ;B[hc]BL[344.676]OB[18] ;W[hb]WL[271.848]OW[14] ;B[he]BL[335.959]OB[17] ;W[fs]WL[258.971]OW[13] ;B[se]BL[328.016]OB[16] ;W[sf]WL[255.372]OW[12] ;B[sd]BL[325.326]OB[15]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: i would say white 10 or 15 or 20 + eyecatcher [5k\]: without counting ] ;W[gn]WL[225.711]OW[11]C[eyecatcher [5k\]: just my guess ] ;B[fo]BL[315.616]OB[14] ;W[em]WL[216.09]OW[10] ;B[hm]BL[312.477]OB[13] ;W[gm]WL[214.766]OW[9] ;B[]BL[312.475]OB[12] ;W[]WL[214.765]OW[8]TW[aa][ba][ca][ea][ga][bb][cb][db][fb][ac][cc][dc][ec][fc][bd][ed][fd][ae][de][af][ef][mf][kg][lg][rg][eh][lh][ki][nl][fm][lm][mm][kn][ln][mn][ao][bp][aq][sq][ar][br][cr][dr][pr][sr][as][bs][cs][ds][es][qs][rs][ss]TB[ka][ma][oa][ra][sa][lb][nb][sb][sc][hg][hh][ci][pi][qi][aj][bj][hj][ij][pj][rj][sj][rk][sk][rl][sl][sm][hp][hq][hr][jr][kr][lr][mr][is][js][ks][ls][ms]C[bengozen [3k\]: thank you for the game eyecatcher [5k\]: nice bengozen [3k\]: whew... bengozen [3k\]: that was CRAZYYY eyecatcher [5k\]: thank you eyecatcher [5k\]: yes nice game bengozen [3k\]: never playing 5-5 again bengozen [3k\]: xD bengozen [3k\]: haha not exactly bengozen [3k\]: but that was really challenging... bengozen [3k\]: i think the game would have been very different if you connected ])

“You should look at the board and play wherever you want to. This is the way to get stronger.” Takemiya Masaki


Ben Zen said...

I like your idea that all games should be played seriously regardless of whether they are fast or slow. However, I would have to say that in my experience, blitz games can cause players to get in the habit of not reading and/or create bad habits over time. As a result, I tend to stay away from shorter games because I know I'll end up making more mistakes then normal (that's probably just me though).

In your game against the 4k, the main difference in the upper left joseki is that White has the lower left corner already which kind of serves as pincer / negating Black's influence that he gains from the joseki. In your game, his influence ends up giving him a kind of semi-Chinese opening.

Move 18 - It's not necessarily a bad move, but I think that maybe the upper right might be big right now. Although Black's framework is starting to stretch pretty large since he has a double wing formation though. Maybe the 3-3 invasion would be good now.

Move 20 - This is a little bit of an overplay (in my opinion). Seems like Black could seal you win with something like O16 and then use the thickness for his moyo later.

Your quote for Takemiya Masaki is very interesting. I'd never thought of just playing somewhere because I felt the need to. Definitely will have to think about that some more.

Nice game! Definitely looking forward to reviewing our game together soon!

eyecatcher said...

I think the Takemiya Masaki quote is mainly about overcomming the fear of making a wrong move... about self restriction... i understand it in this sense:
You really should look at the whole board and if you find "your" point, the point where -you- want to play (because you think it is the best move) you have to play there.
You could now answer: "but that is what every go player is doing all the time..." but i think often it is these kind of thoughts apear were you think "no, i`m sure this is too risky, no this is surely a bad move, no i`m wrong" and than play some kind of textbook move...
I think you got my point :-D
Just play wherever you want ... and if this cost you the win... does not matter, because while you played "your" move ... you learned about "your move" when you review, and next time play another... but never discard "your" move because of thoughts about conventions or fears. :-D

I`m going to kgs now, if i see you there we maybe can review, if not, maybe next time :)

WHen i talk about "fast" games i do not mean lightning... if you have at least 30 sec or 60 sec byo yomi, with some concentration there will be time to "read" blitzu games with 10 sec byo yomi or like that are, as i said, in my opinion only good for getting better intuition...

And my main point with fast games (10 min + 30 or 60 sec byo yomi) is that one can REVIEW after each game ... it is good to learn joseki etc.

About the game... move 20 yes, i agree... :)
Thnx for leaving a comment.