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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tsumego everywhere

It's been a while, when i was reading at the 19x19 Go forum in a post from John Fairbairn ( here is the post, some of you will allready know it: lifein19x19.com ) about a "new" or just very usefull method to solve tsumego aka. life and death problems.
To make a long story short: the advice here is to, first, remember and visualize the problem and than, second, to solve it only in your mind without any visual reference.
IYou should begin with very (very) easy positions and go on to more complex after you were able to solve the problem 100% without looking at a board&stones or a page with a printed problem or whatever...
You can do this in a lot of moments during your every day life where usually study tsumego is not possible... for example while washing the dishes. 
Back when i first read about this technique my thought was "ok, good idea but i will never be able to do this, i will not even try this"
... but yesterday i somehow managed to, no — not to solve yet, but, as a first step, to memorize a position clearly in my mind. 
That was a very exciting feeling... and i will try to continue today solving the problem. 
It seems like a great method to improve reading, and it is fun! You should try yourself.

I think there may be 4 phases with this:

1. trying to visualize the position (remember start with very small and simple problems!) 
2. beeing to able to visualize clearly
3. trying to solve
4. actually beeing able to solve the problem and doing it again with a bit more complex problem. 

I'm in phase 3 :) 

Good luck with trying this out and don't think you can't do it, you can!  ;-) 


Christian Klein said...

Interesting... I had the idea to try this on my own two weeks ago and tried it for some problems. I was surprised it was easier than I thought... But I didn't know than it could be that good, to do so. I think I'll make this a part of my usual training... Thanks a lot for mentioning the source!


HelloQtion said...

Interesting :)

I replayed the 2nd jubango game in my head while I wasn't able to do anything Go related. I played it to move 95 or so. It was also very fun. (I checked it later and actually forgot an exchange into center)

I will try it with tsumego :)

eyecatcher said...
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eyecatcher said...
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eyecatcher said...

Qtion: Nice, i will someday try it out with a game :-)
Good idea, thanks for the comment.

eyecatcher said...

Christian Klein:
Ich hatte auch den Eindruck dass es viel einfacher war als befürchtet... und ich hab mir, wie du/sie auch, vorgenommen es zu meiner regelmässigen Übung zu machen.
John Fairbairn beschreibt es ja sehr schön und ausführlich (und lustig :) in seinem Post auf 19x19... aber ich dachte mich ich fasse das mal kurz und knapp zusammen :)
Danke für das Kommentar dalassen.

Ben Zen said...

Interesting idea! I've never actually attempted to do it yet, but perhaps I should give it a try sometime! Thanks for the post!