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Thursday, May 23, 2013

To grasp the opportunity...

At arround move 137 white did not grasp a opportunity to attack black...
i just found out about this move while writing this review today.
This time the review is with a lot of comments and variations.
(;GM[1]FF[4]SZ[19]AP[SmartGo:]CA[UTF-8] GN[salome1-eyecatcher] PW[salome1]WR[5k] PB[eyecatcher]BR[6k] DT[2013-05-21] PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/] KM[0.5] RE[B+4.50] RU[Japanese] TM[1500.0]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]HO[1];B[pc]BL[1484.8];W[cq]WL[1497.5];B[pq]BL[1467.9] C[My favorite 2 moves as black at the moment. ];W[dd]WL[1495.1] C[Next move at R5 ist played most often. ] (;B[cf]BL[1457.7];W[fc]WL[1491.8];B[bd]BL[1451.1];W[cc]WL[1488.4];B[di]BL[1446.1] C[I know this is unusual, normaly this move is at C11];W[pe]WL[1476.4];B[qe] BL[1393.1];W[qf]WL[1474.4];B[qd]BL[1390.4];W[pf]WL[1472.3];B[nc]BL[1380.0] ;W[pj]WL[1465.0] C[The standard joseki. ];B[qo]BL[1371.2] C[I played here beacuse i did not like white playing a perfect "attacking extension" from the Q10 Stone. ] ;W[ck]WL[1461.0] C[Instead white attacks on the other side ^^ ];B[cm]BL[1357.1] C[A risky counter / pincer. ];W[ek]WL[1455.2] C[This jump could be expected. ];B[eq]BL[1330.6] C[I was quite happy with this move, i was willing to sacrifice my C7 stone in order to let this stone work with the R5 shimari. Do you think this was a good plan? How could white answer better than the actual game? ] ;W[dp]WL[1452.0] C[Too slow? Or solid and good? ];B[hp]BL[1317.3];W[en]WL[1448.5] C[white goes for killing the stone. ];B[dl]BL[1310.6] C[Peep];W[dk]WL[1446.2];B[ql]BL[1281.8] C[What about next move for white a invasion at the bottom? For example K3 ? ] (;W[qk]WL[1443.3];B[mp]BL[1278.0] C[I would have invaded now arround L4 ] (;W[bi]WL[1438.2];B[bh]BL[1268.4];W[ci]WL[1435.9];B[ch]BL[1265.0];W[dh]WL[1432.0] ;B[dg]BL[1263.2];W[eh]WL[1430.5];B[bc]BL[1250.8];W[bb]WL[1428.1];B[cd]BL[1245.1] ;W[dc]WL[1423.7] C[White Gote now ... or was there a better attack other then white42 at E14 ? ] ;B[kd]BL[1179.8];W[ef]WL[1417.8] C[This was bad. ];B[eg]BL[1174.5] (;W[ff]WL[1407.4];B[fh]BL[1169.5];W[ei]WL[1405.0];B[fi]BL[1168.1];W[dj]WL[1401.4] ;B[fg]BL[1166.6] C[White only got trouble with "white42" ];W[jp]WL[1394.3] C[Now the invasion];B[fo]BL[1155.6] C[I tried to use the 2 stones arround C7 ... maybe white did make some mistakes with her answers but in the end my plan was working out well and i was building up some strength (wall) which was quite usefull ... ] ;W[fn]WL[1387.1];B[gn]BL[1148.9];W[lq]WL[1381.2];B[do]BL[1072.6];W[eo]WL[1378.0] ;B[ep]BL[1070.0];W[co]WL[1367.7];B[dn]BL[1068.1];W[em]WL[1362.1];B[el]BL[1060.9] ;W[fl]WL[1357.8];B[dq]BL[1043.6];W[cp]WL[1354.6];B[cr]BL[1034.9];W[br]WL[1352.6] ;B[ds]BL[1028.0];W[bn]WL[1336.5];B[bm]BL[998.6];W[bs]WL[1330.3];B[cn]BL[982.6] ;W[bo]WL[1326.6];B[ap]BL[957.3];W[aq]WL[1317.1];B[gm]BL[921.7];W[fm]WL[1313.0] ;B[gl]BL[916.6];W[gk]WL[1307.6];B[fj]BL[912.3];W[fk]WL[1303.3];B[mq]BL[893.5] ;W[jn]WL[1297.7] C[After the sequence on the left which was using the 2 trapped black stones, black can (maybe) handle white82 better now. ] ;B[lp]BL[860.9];W[kq]WL[1293.6];B[kp]BL[855.2];W[gq]WL[1289.7] C[But blacks group is not allive yet! Can BLck block at H3 ? ] (;B[gp]BL[852.6];W[hq]WL[1287.9];B[jq]BL[847.2] C[If white plays at K2 now, black can`t save the stones but but can cut off white. ] (;W[iq]WL[1285.2];B[jr]BL[845.2];W[ip]WL[1281.9] C[Black is capturing 2 stones and quite happy];B[ko]BL[829.2];W[jo]WL[1272.7] ;B[il]BL[811.5];W[ir]WL[1269.5];B[lr]BL[809.1];W[jl]WL[1261.0];B[im]BL[803.6] ;W[jm]WL[1258.8];B[jk]BL[800.3];W[ll]WL[1254.7];B[mm]BL[797.8];W[ml]WL[1249.7] ;B[qi]BL[787.4];W[pi]WL[1242.3];B[rk]BL[785.1];W[qh]WL[1238.4];B[ri]BL[781.9] ;W[pl]WL[1233.8];B[qj]BL[772.4];W[pk]WL[1230.8];B[qm]BL[767.3];W[hj]WL[1217.1] ;B[hk]BL[761.9];W[ij]WL[1208.9];B[ik]BL[758.5] C[Black is leading now, making live with the E3 and the C14 group should not be that difficult. Black will have more territory. But my endgame was quite weak and even if i won the game, i could not pay the komi in case it would have been a even game! ] ;W[ki]WL[1203.8];B[kk]BL[756.4];W[lm]WL[1200.1];B[lj]BL[725.9];W[ho]WL[1187.1] ;B[hn]BL[707.2];W[ic]WL[1169.7] C[White get`s this move and now it is again very close / even game. ];B[jc] BL[698.3];W[ib]WL[1166.1];B[jb]BL[691.2];W[nm]WL[1163.7];B[gj]BL[679.5];W[ig] WL[1148.4];B[id]BL[675.4];W[li]WL[1130.9];B[jj]BL[660.3];W[ji]WL[1125.2] C[If black plays arround N14 now ... white will attack (kill) the E3 group ... // See the variation ] (;B[fq]BL[575.9];W[gr]WL[1113.4] C[If black Tenuki now i think white CAN`T Kill ... if that is true i made quite useless gote move here next ... (variation) ] (;B[fr]BL[573.3] C[No, black has to play here, white could kill if black would have played tenuki. Or am i wrong? Wait a second ... i think white can STILL KILL black! What about white playing F1 now? It leads to a KO to connect to the right. That is very interesting in the game i did not see it. ] (;W[rh]WL[1099.5];B[hb]BL[557.3];W[hc]WL[1091.9];B[gb]BL[545.0];W[gc]WL[1081.8] ;B[ia]BL[543.1];W[fb]WL[1080.4];B[ab]BL[537.5];W[ba]WL[1076.0];B[me]BL[483.1] ;W[mg]WL[1066.6];B[mj]BL[470.8];W[ni]WL[1050.1];B[mi]BL[464.3];W[mh]WL[1047.6] ;B[rf]BL[455.1];W[rg]WL[1044.5];B[nf]BL[431.7];W[ng]WL[1039.0];B[on]BL[424.0] ;W[nn]WL[1035.6];B[no]BL[422.2] C[BLack ends in gote here... ] (;W[cs]WL[1023.9];B[dr]BL[403.7];W[re]WL[1010.8] C[White can play here, it is big. ];B[rd]BL[401.2];W[si]WL[1007.6];B[rj] BL[398.2];W[sf]WL[1005.6];B[mn]BL[388.6];W[ln]WL[1001.1];B[mo]BL[385.8];W[om] WL[999.2];B[pm]BL[380.5];W[nk]WL[991.8];B[hi]BL[334.9];W[ii]WL[987.5];B[gf] BL[333.0];W[ge]WL[984.1];B[hh]BL[323.6];W[hf]WL[980.2];B[gg]BL[315.6];W[sd] WL[974.3];B[rc]BL[310.9];W[sc]WL[972.3];B[sb]BL[309.6];W[se]WL[970.9];B[rb] BL[307.9];W[ga]WL[954.1];B[ja]BL[302.3];W[ha]WL[952.3];B[he]BL[295.4];W[fe] WL[943.9];B[if]BL[291.7];W[jf]WL[939.2];B[hg]BL[289.6];W[je]WL[936.8];B[jd] BL[274.3];W[jg]WL[931.4];B[pd]BL[251.4];W[oe]WL[925.2];B[od]BL[247.6];W[ne] WL[923.7];B[md]BL[241.3];W[ah]WL[919.5];B[ag]BL[223.3];W[ai]WL[918.0];B[bf] BL[221.3];W[sj]WL[914.7];B[rl]BL[205.5];W[js]WL[912.6];B[kr]BL[203.3] C[White was catching up a lot in the endgame... if white whould have seen the possiblity to kill black with the move at F1 i think white would have won easily. Last comment. Black won, there was no komi (only 0.5) because it was game 6 kyu vs. 5 kyu. ] ;W[fs]WL[910.9];B[es]BL[200.0];W[gs]WL[906.6];B[go]BL[191.8];W[mf]WL[901.5] ;B[ks]BL[187.1];W[le]WL[895.6];B[ld]BL[184.1];W[ke]WL[868.2];B[nj]BL[180.5] ;W[oj]WL[866.0];B[sk]BL[171.5];W[sh]WL[863.8];B[de]BL[166.2];W[ee]WL[861.3] ;B[hd]BL[160.9];W[df]WL[856.0];B[ce]BL[157.2];W[is]WL[850.1];B[gd]BL[153.7] ;W[fd]WL[847.6];B[ac]BL[149.2];W[ie]WL[843.8];B[aa]BL[142.2];W[cb]WL[839.4] ;B[hf]BL[139.6];W[lk]WL[835.4];B[kj]BL[136.5];W[io]WL[828.8];B[ej]BL[124.3] ;W[di]WL[825.0];B[bk]BL[103.0];W[cl]WL[821.8];B[bl]BL[92.7];W[dm]WL[817.6] ;B[bj]BL[86.8];W[am]WL[815.4];B[an]BL[80.0];W[ao]WL[812.3];B[al]BL[59.5] ;W[an]WL[787.7];B[dl]BL[26.9];W[aj]WL[776.5];B[]BL[1.4] (;W[ih]WL[773.8];B[]BL[1.4];W[]WL[773.8] TW[ca:fa][db:eb][gb:hb][ec:ed][kf:lh][nf:of][rf][og:oi][pg:ph][qg][sg][jh][nh][bj:bm][cj][ak:al][ok:ol][dl:el][nl][cm:cn][dn:do][ap:bp][bq][ar:as][hr:hs] TB[ka:sa][kb:qb][kc:mc][oc][qc][ad:af][be][bg:cg][gh:gi][hl:hm][sl:ss][rm:rs][pn:pp][qn][oo:os][fp][np:ns][qp:qs][kq:lq][er][mr:ms][pr:ps][ls] C[eyecatcher [6k\]: thnx, gg salome1 [5k\]: ty ]) (;W[]WL[776.5] TW[ca:fa][db:eb][gb:hb][ec:ed][nf:of][rf][og:oi][pg:ph][qg][sg][nh][bj:bm][cj][ak:al][ok:ol][nl][cm:cn][dn:do][ap:bp][bq][ar:as][hr:hs] TB[ka:sa][kb:qb][kc:mc][oc][qc][ad:af][be][bg:cg][gh:gi][hl:hm][sl:ss][rm:rs][pn:pp][qn][oo:os][fp][np:ns][qp:qs][kq:lq][er][mr:ms][pr:ps][ls] )) (;W[fs] (;B[es];W[dr];B[er]) (;B[er];W[cs];B[es];W[gs]))) (;W[fs] C[Blaacks only move E1 now] (;B[cs]TR[fs];W[es];B[dr]) (;B[es] C[If white C1 black lives without problem ... but if black D2 black can`t connect... ] (;W[cs];B[dr]) (;W[dr] C[Black has to capture at G1 ] (;B[gs] C[If white blocks at H1 , black can live. So white has to capture at C1 ] (;W[cs] C[Now black can Ko-connect];B[is];W[hs];B[hr] (;W[go] C[Not a good threat :) ];B[io];W[hs]) (;W[bg];B[hs];W[ah] (;B[cg];W[gf];B[bf];W[ag];B[af];W[ai];B[ae];W[ac];B[hi];W[ii];B[hh];W[gh] ;B[gg];W[hg];B[gi]) (;B[gf];W[cg];B[df]))) (;W[hs];B[cs];W[fs];B[er])) (;B[cs];W[er];B[fp];W[go]))))) (;B[mf] (;W[er];B[fr];W[fs] C[If black E1 now, black maybe is dead, but what about D2 ? ] (;B[es];W[cs];B[gs];W[dr];B[cr];W[dr];B[hs];W[is]) (;B[dr] (;W[es];B[gs] (;W[fs];B[es]) (;W[hs];B[fs])) (;W[gs];B[es]))) (;W[fr];B[er];W[cs] C[Black is dead. ]))) (;B[mf];W[fq];B[fp];W[er];B[fr];W[gr];B[dr];W[fs];B[io];W[in])) (;W[jr] (;B[iq];W[ip];B[ir];W[kr];B[hr];W[gr];B[jo];W[io];B[in];W[ko];B[ho];W[jo] ) (;B[jo];W[ip];B[io];W[iq] C[This is nice for black! (? or isn`t ?) ]))) (;B[hq];W[fp];B[go];W[fq] (;B[fr];W[er];B[dr];W[gr] (;B[fs];W[gs];B[es];W[cs]) (;B[es];W[gs];B[hr];W[fs];B[hs];W[er])) (;B[er];W[fr];B[fs];W[gs];B[hr];W[es]))) (;W[fg];B[fh];W[ei];B[fi];W[ej];B[ff];W[gg];B[ee];W[de];B[df];W[gj];B[gh] ;W[hh];B[hg];W[gf];B[hf];W[ge];B[he];W[gi])) (;W[kp];B[jq];W[kq];B[ln];W[gq];B[gp];W[fq];B[fp];W[er];B[ep] (;W[dr] (;B[pl]) (;B[bi];W[pl];B[qm];W[on];B[pm];W[om];B[ol];W[pk];B[nl] (;W[lo];B[kn];W[mo];B[jo]) (;W[jn];B[ko];W[jp];B[jo];W[iq];B[hq];W[hr];B[ir];W[jr];B[gr];W[is];B[fr] ;W[mr]))) (;W[pm];B[dr];W[dq];B[fr]))) (;W[jq];B[iq];W[jp] (;B[mq];W[gq];B[gp];W[ir];B[hq];W[hr];B[gr];W[fq];B[fp];W[fr];B[er];W[gs] ;B[ep]) (;B[hn] (;W[mq]) (;W[pr]) (;W[np];B[lp];W[io];B[ho];W[kn])))) (;B[qo];W[pe];B[qe];W[qf];B[qd];W[pg];B[nc];W[qk];B[cj];W[jq];B[lq];W[ch] ;B[co];W[ep];B[dm];W[jo];B[cc];W[dc];B[cd];W[de];B[ce];W[cf];B[bf];W[bg] ;B[df];W[cg] C[A Pro variation ]) (;B[fc];W[cf];B[db];W[cc];B[hd];W[pe];B[ph];W[oc];B[ob];W[od];B[nb];W[qc] ;B[qb];W[pd];B[pb];W[rc];B[md];W[qg];B[qh];W[pg];B[nh];W[lf];B[ke];W[kf] ;B[jf];W[kg];B[le];W[qn];B[ql] C[A Pro variation]))
“Competition and faith are my life-long vocations. Like water and fire, I depend on both. When I couldn’t outrank the others, it was time for me to leave. There are two things in my life, truth and Go.” Go Seigen


Benjamin Hong said...

I think your move at 21 was a great idea. I think something you might've want to do is to jump at E7 first since the C9 white group is still weak, and then switch directions like you were saying.

I think move 25 is ajikeshi. Since you were planning on sacrificing the stone, you should've taken sente to playing an extension to continue the idea of using the shimari. The poke only helps to make white thick and removes a forcing move at C10 later on.

The variation where Black cuts off white at K2 and K5 is okay for Black, but I don't think Black gains from the exchange since he looses the bottom and will have a hard time making points with his his influence.

Good game though! Glad you won!

eyecatcher said...

Thank you! ;•)
Maybe you are right with 24 Ajikeshi, ... my thought was to make the aji more usefull with this move ... but it was a silly idea :)

VEry interesting that you pointed out, that maybe the variation where black cuts white off is not that good for black ... i did not thought in this direction!