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Monday, November 21, 2011

The WBaduk Challenge - Part. 4

Again i lost against a 16 Kyu at WBaduk (while i can win every now and then against a 5 Kyu at KGS).
First i was very frustrated about this, but then realized that even if go is a serious game, one should never forget to see things with humor.

My excuse is always: I was not taking my opponent serious enough and as a result i was playing too fast.

But this is not a excuse, if i`m not able to take my opponents serious, even if they are just "16 Kyu"   i have to be a 16 kyu as well until i learn some more about tactics and strategy.

And i wonder if i would have played much better if i took more time to think...

Whatever, i`m looking forward to my next WBaduk game.

Here is the game with some comments:

"The one with the punished arrogance"
GN[Rated game]PW[fffff0 16K*]PB[eye4eye 16K*]US[www.cyberoro.com]RE[W+Resign]MU[1]
;B[ip]C[This is not the joseki, but i decided to try it out. ]
;B[cf]LB[fc:A]C[I think this move was not good, better at "A" maybe ... ]
;W[ge]C[Black is helping white to build a moyo. ]
;B[dl]C[This move is ]
;B[qj]TR[eg][dh][eh][cj][dj]C[Black is happy, reduced the white side with a good chance to escape whith the marked group ... ]
;W[ro]LB[qp:A][qq:B]C[I think this invasion is clever, next to play at "A" or "B" maybe would have been better. ]
;B[fp]LB[gq:A]C[Black should maybe play more carefully here at "A" instead. ]
;B[mr]C[-Again- i played too fast here, but i wonder if i would have prevented white from connecting even with much more thinking ... i hope so! ]
;W[er]C[Black has made some serious mistakes here, all the territory at the bottom is lost, and the influence towards the center is hard to use now... ]
;B[co]C[These black moves are useless. ]
;W[fj]C[Now black has a very weak group to save ... game is not easy to win for black. ]
;B[og]C[Is this the right answer to the white invasion? ]
;B[rg]C[Overplay ... ]
;W[rc]C[White is sucessfull here and has more territory now. The big question is how many black points can white prevent in the center, there are some places where white can start to reduce, and to attack, the weak goup wich is still not 100% connected or allive. Last comment. ]
;W[fb]C[Uups, and i missed a serious tesuji here ... whatever i was loosing anyway :-)])

Read everything about the "WBaduk Challenge" here:

“Competition and faith are my life-long vocations. Like water and fire, I depend on both. When I couldn’t outrank the others, it was time for me to leave. There are two things in my life, truth and Go.” Go Seigen


jenj said...

41 is questionable for me: E12 group still heavy and weak (so many sente-moves around), so i prefer to spend another move to fix it (G10?) and… you are free! no weak groups anymore, big cache in corner, powerful influence… comfortable position for b


eyecatcher said...

Yes, you are right, my comment "Black is happy, reduced white side with a good chance to escap..." was the way i thought during the game ... i should have saw, while commenting, that this was the beginning of the end for black!