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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The WBaduk Challenge - Part. 3

"The One With The Extra Large Center Territory" 
Some comments and variations are included.

GN[Rated game]PW[eye4eye 16K*]PB[percym 16K*]DT[20111111 [15:43\]]US[www.cyberoro.com]RE[W+Time]MU[1]
;W[dd]C [I was white and won more bye resignation than bye "time"]
;B[pr]C[This is a mistake, this move is played by pros, BUT not in this situation... it is played when black is strong arround Q10! ]
;W[mp]LB[pj:X]C[Is this move better than the extension arround X ]
;B[ms]C[Next white can play at L4, but i played L3 because this way there is no good target for a kikashi move here at the moment. ]
;B[pm]C[Too near to whites wall? ]
;W[nc]C[Right direction? ]SL[kb:kd][la:se][mf:sf][og:qh][pi:qj]
;B[oc]LB[ph:X][pi:X][pj:X]C[I don`t like this move for black, but it was played often against me at Wbaduk , even without black having a position arround X. ]
;W[pj]LB[jd:X][kd:X]C[Allong with W14, this was again a critical moment, is this a good move? Locally normally white extends to arround X ]
;B[kc]C[Of course this move is easy to find now for black... ]
;B[kd]C[Looks slow in my eyes. ]
;W[qh]LB[fc:X][ie:X][cf:X][kf:X][nf:X][mm:X][gq:X]C[This move now looks strange, the idea is to seperate the black stone at Q7, but maybe black should not have answered locally and play tenuki at one of X other places. ]
;B[ol]C[Till now i did not thought that the game will end with white having a extra large center territory. ]
;B[rn]C[After black played tenuki from W58 at F4 i first had the idead to try to go for a center moyo.]
;W[hj]C[Black could have destroyed a lot of whites center potential whith some invasion now... but maybe he is affraid of creating another weak group ... but the group at K15 is not that weak at the moment, so i would have played a invasion now at "2" (variation). ]
;W[ko]C[For securing the center it was necessary here to sacrifice 3 stones. ]
;W[lo]LB[ge:X][di:X]C[W82 maybe was too slow... is a move arround X bigger??? ]
;W[dj]C[Black will not destroy this large center moyo ... i think i did not played very good here because for a stronger player it would have been easy to invade my mojo ... at a earlier stage or even still now. ]
;B[dh]C[Black was too kind to white here giving me a lot of territory :-) Last comment. ]
;B[li]C[The white group at P11, O11 is not 100% save ... but maybe invasion at L7 is not the best point. ]))

Read everything about the "WBaduk Challenge" here:

“Competition and faith are my life-long vocations. Like water and fire, I depend on both. When I couldn’t outrank the others, it was time for me to leave. There are two things in my life, truth and Go.” Go Seigen


jenj said...

hi! about move 7

i can't recognize it as mistake by black. it isn't joseki-move, but… why not? imo, it's a hamete: "i invite you to reading-competition right now. forget all this ancient stuff about joseki and try to beat me!" :)

and result is unclear for me: move 20 is gote, so black got:
1. ≈10 points in corner
2. sente to reduce potential of your wall (Q7 are freaky, but something around Q10 are nice for black, right?)
3. potential cutting point @M4 (ladder works? ok, more-less free ladder-breaker around D14 than)

you have:

1. nice wall
2. almost surrounded(= useless) black group in corner
3. nice 2-sided extension from it

equal exchange?

move 22 is strange. Q7 too close? it means "Q7 weak. i can attack it with pincer and force him to live in pain or run in panic!" :) what if black's 23 will be calmly @R14? Q7 became not-so-weak (how to pincer it without creating your own weak group?).
so i prefer to accept invitation and go to Q10 or maybe Q14 instead


eyecatcher said...
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eyecatcher said...

Thanks, ...
i still think black 7 can be called a mistake ...when it comes to hamete i go with the definition at sensei libary:
"To qualify as hamete, the trap must be challenging--it needs to be something that could deceive even a dan-level amateur."
...but in this case i think white8 is kind of "easy questionable" (and white 14 as well maybe not good) ... the point is i think a dan player could answer without falling into this "trap" (hamete) easily.

Yes, white 14 is not very good ... for black to play at Q10 is big (even freaky Q7) ...

Yes, white 22 is questionable ... i think you are right with Q14 ... :-)

jenj said...

agree. hamete and this kind of moves are not the same. in my opinion, difference is "hamete = i know i made a trick move, my risks, my decision" and moves like mv.7 are "i don't know classic patterns there, so i try to invent something by myself, reading competition between us starts"

"mistake" in my own terminology is "ho! i know what to do with it! and i can gain some profit without doubt"

so it can be mistake, yes. but it's relative. my own rule now (after tons of wrong decisions :) — if i can find right answer then it's a overplay, if not — proper move (until i'm in search of solution)

about move 8… i prefer O4. more-less same result, maybe a bit more stable. (btw kgs.fuseki.info has some variations of this pattern, you know?)

move 14 is "only move". i don't find another way without creating broken shape

and last small opinion: move 16. you can play double hane @L2 instead. difference is: a bit more solid shape for w + one ko-threat