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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Circa 1 year ago i started playing on Wbaduk ( aka. Cyberoro) for the first time and i was very staggered about the difference between a KGS-Rank and a WBaduk-Rank.

I think i was about KGS 12 Kyu at this time and after i played my first dozen games i was something like 18 kyu on Wbaduk. 

On the Wbaduk Server you can play with Korean, Chinese and Japanese people.

http://www.wbaduk.com   Is also a cool page with news about the pro scene and teaching stuff.

Somehow their style seems to be very different to the "typical" KGS Style
(if there is something like that).

My impression is that they play much much more aggressive (i don`t mean this in a critical way) and very fast! It`s not that easy to find somebody for a long game in the lower-kyu-world ...  and even if i found somebody he usally plays bolt of lightning style ... of course when the see my winn-lose statistic the don`t fear their opponent. 

At KGS it`s not that hard to find somebody for a 35 minutes + byo yomi game ( my favored length ) , but as far as i know, at Wbaduk it`s a bit harder because people there like to play a lot of fast games.

These are just some individual impressions ... perhaps you will make your own expiriences there ... give it a try!

Another great thing: they broadcast (LIVE!) professional games, and everything it`s free!

I really like to lose (= play) at Wbaduk because of the challenging and perhaps slightly "different" playings style(s) there. :•)

In secrecy i hope that i learn some fighitng styles there just by loosing a lot of games.

A few days ago i created a new Wbaduk account (because i didn`t liked my old username)
i`m now "eye4eye" there and when i was registering i stated that i`m 10 kyu (i`m 7 kyu on kgs now) ...

But after loosing ALL of the 8 games i played (as far as i remember most of them with about 15 minutes + byo yomi ... and i`m a very slow thinker ) i`m 13kyu  now, tendency downwards.

After reviewing my games i think that i really played badly and i was loosing all these games - not only - because i played against asian people ...  "Gogods" :•)  

Perhaps it`s just a psychological thing and if the same game would be played at KGS i would play better ... but i`m sure that a wbaduk 10 kyu is much (!) stronger than a KGS 10kyu !

And i just found a cool thread about this topic at: Livein19x19  KGS Player -----> Wbaduk

Here is one game i played today  on Wbaduk, when i compare all the 8 games, i think this is the one in which i played at best:
(i`m white)

(;CA[Windows-1252]SZ[19]AP[MultiGo:4.4.4]GN[Rated game]DT[20110306 [18\:17\]]PB[zhonghuix 12K*]
PW[eye4eye 12K?]KM[7.5]HA[0]RE[Black wins by resign!]US[www.cyberoro.com]MULTIGOGM[1]

“Do nothing which is of no use” Miyamoto Musashi

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