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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


In order to improve our Go skills it is a good idea to review & analyze our games...

  • Which Fuseki was more  successfull?
  • Which Josekis emerged?
  •  Did i or my opponent made any Joseki-mistakes?
  • If so, were they punished correctly?
  • Were there any life & death problems ?
  • If the some group  died,  would it have been possible to save it? 
  • Was it possible to kill a group, but it didn`t happen?
  • Which move was good, bad, slow, big, small, light, heavy etc. ?!

I think it is the best way to get stronger if you take your time and study your own games.

Of course it is very useful as well to let them be analyzed by a better player, but i think, if you first do it by yourself before you give it to a stronger player, you get the most out of this process.

And because i want to get stronger as well  ;-)  i decided to review my games more intensively and regular.

Here is a new game review :  

 Please notice: Of course i write these reviews because i want to know why i have lost  or which bad moves of my opponent gave me the victory... but i`m not a go teacher and there  might be mistakes, small and big ones, in this analysis.
 I use my brain  :-)  as well as Kogos Joseki Dictonary, Josekipedia, Brugo and the Smartgo software (with go4go- and gogod-Database) to  analyse Fuseki and Joseki.

(i was black and lost by resignation)

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[1800]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]
GN[medy-eyecatcher]PW[medy]PB[eyecatcher]WR[7k]BR[7k]DT[2011-03-05]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[W+Resign]
;W[dp]WL[1496.7]C[White wants to play paralell fuseki.]
;W[dd]WL[1494.8]C[White: Star Point, Star Point ]
;B[qk]BL[1490.3]C[Chinese opening.]
;W[mq]WL[1492.1]LB[po:B][np:C][fq:A]C[W6 is a common strategy against the Chinese Fuseki. I was suprised by this move and i thought it could be a mistake, but a lot of professionals are playing W6.

Next to answer at "b" (see variation) ist the most common response.
"c" (see variation) is also possible. ]
(;B[fq]BL[1481.2]LB[mq:W6]TR[hp][ip][jp][hq][iq][jq]C[Now every white pincer will work fine together with W6 ... but B7 is not a bad move. ]
;W[iq]WL[1476]LB[cq:B][kq:A]C[2 space low pincer. Next for black to take the corner at "b" (variation) is perhaps much better than B9 in the actual game. ]SL[an][ao][ap][aq][ar][as][bn][bo][bp][bq][br][bs][cm][cn][co][cp][cq][cr][cs][dm][dn][do][dp][dq][dr][ds][em][en][eo][ep][eq][er][es][fn][fo][fp][fq][fr][fs][gn][go][gp][gq][gr][gs][hn][ho][hp][hq][hr][hs][in][io][ip][iq][ir][is][jn][jo][jp][jq][jr][js][ko][kp][kq][kr][ks][lq][mq]
(;B[kq]BL[1472.6]C[I think B9 is wrong, because it is hard to defend both stones, B7 and B9 at the same time ... also white is under attack now, white has to many god strategies to defend. ]
;W[eq]WL[1464.4]C[Now black can`t easily jump in to the corner any more and has to defend ]
;B[ko]BL[1466.1]C[It would be bad for white to trade the marked stones, ...]SC[fq][mq]
;W[pp]WL[1462.2]LB[gp:A][oq:B]C[... so white tries to strenghten himself (or herself:) with this attachment.
Perhaps nobi at "b" (variation) would be a better move that b13 in the real game. ]
(;B[gp]BL[1457.1]LB[io:A][qq:B]C[Black is willing to sacrifice to corner? What if white now hane at "b" (variation)]
(;W[io]WL[1454.3]LB[gn:B][ip:A]C[Next for black the one point jump at "b" (variation) would be much much better. ]
(;B[ip]BL[1448.2]C[I think this B15 is a very bad move ... blacks group is to weak to attack white this way. ]
;B[ho]BL[1441.4]C[B19 is again a verry bad move, because white can counterattack an capture the black group. ]
;B[jn]BL[1416.6]C[White is verry happy now with his corner/side territory and blacks influence is not that big. B25 is gote and not good, if white plays there black has enough space and time to attack white. B25 is not good (or is it save and solid? I don`t think so...)]
;W[qq]WL[1420.8]C[W26: I think this is quite a good move in this situatiuon. ]
;B[qp]BL[1409.3]C[B27: Is the cut a good choice? ]
;W[rq]WL[1368.5]LB[po:B][op:A]C[Next with B29 at P4 perhaps Black wants to much and it would be better to play at "b" (Variation) ]
;B[no]BL[1390.5]LB[pm:A][qm:B]C[W36 may be better played at "b" (variation) ]
;W[om]WL[1312.4]TR[fc][jd][cf][pf][ph][dj]C[W40 : i think white does not need this move to live , it is gote and to play at one of the markes points perhaps would have been better. ]
;W[ld]WL[1274.1]C[W42: White does not come very close ...]
;W[ne]WL[1225.1]C[W44: is threatening to cut at X ... i think black can`t ignore. ]MA[pf]
;B[pf]BL[1339.2]C[Black has no choise. ]
;W[fc]CR[fc][dd]WL[1222.6]TR[ld][ne]C[W46: I think this may not be in good relation to the other 2 stones ... maybe "wrong direction" ... and W46 would be better at "X" ?! ]MA[cf]
;B[bd]BL[1335.5]C[B47 : black wants to imitate pro style :-) ]
;W[bf]WL[1220.3]C[W48: a good answer ]
;B[ce]BL[1332.9]LB[cc:B][cf:A]C[It is ok. Next white plays at "a" , this is not a "normal" move ... the common move here is "b" (variation) ]
;B[pb]BL[1262.6]LB[sd:A]C[B67: May better be played at A]
;B[oe]BL[1247.3]TR[od]C[B69: protects the cutting point ]
;W[lg]WL[1012]TR[ld][ne][lg]C[Looks like a light and nice shape]
;B[mf]BL[1227.5]LB[me:B][lf:A]C[W72 plays a safe nobi at "a" ... to play nobi at "b" (variation) would protext the white stone but is more difficult ... and perhaps not good... ]
;W[dk]WL[973.8]C[Big! ]
;B[jj]BL[1186.4]TR[ld][lf][lg]C[I think Black with B81 has to invade much deeper to win the game.

I think it would be a good strategy to attack the marked stones ... ]MA[ie][hf][fg][hh][ei]
;W[ii]WL[903.4]C[This is the winning move. ]
;B[en]BL[1109.7]C[B83: ?!? Balck thinks white will answer??? ]
;B[di]BL[1043.6]C[Now it seems to be to late for black]
;W[dj]WL[684]C[Perhaps W104 would be better played at "X"]MA[ek]
;B[gi]BL[993.9]LB[gh:B][fl:A]C[Nex white plays at "a" with W110 ... would "b" (variation) have been better?! ]
;B[hk]BL[917.5]C[It is a bit painfull for white, and white could have responded better in this sequence, but white has allready a huge lead ... ]
;W[mb]WL[30]C[medy [7k\]: thx
eyecatcher [7k\]: Thank you
;W[lh]C[White has to run, but black has weaknesses as well ... ]MA[kf][mg]))
;B[om]LB[pg:A]C[I don`t know ... this does not(!) look much better than the real game ... but maybe ... ]))
;B[ip]C[This would be good for black, no?! ]))
(;B[oq]LB[mo:B][lp:C][mp:D][np:A][op:E]C[I realy think this nobi woul have been the best (?) move here, i don`t see a good way for white to answer. ]
;B[ck]C[(this is a pro-game position) ])
;W[ip]C[(this is a pro-game position) ]SL[hq][im][in][io][ip][iq][jl][jm][jn][jo][jp][jq][jr][kk][kl][km][kn][ko][kp][kq][kr][ks][lj][lk][ll][lm][ln][lo][lp][lq][lr][ls][mj][mk][ml][mm][mn][mo][mp][mq][mr][ms][nj][nk][nl][nm][nn][no][np][nq][nr][ns][ok][ol][om][on][oo][op][oq][or][os][pm][pn][po][pp][pq][pr][ps][qn][qo][qp][qq][qr][qs][rn][ro][rp][rq][rr][rs][sn][so][sp][sq][sr][ss]))

“Do nothing which is of no use” Miyamoto Musashi

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