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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dark, yet clear as a kyu player

Hi again internet go baduk weiqi world! 

After some break because of the birth of our daughter, i`m back. I don`t know how much i will keep this blog updated, but it feels wrong to play and study again without blogging again, i think it just became a habit.

Here a game with relativ detailed comments in it, hope you will enjoy and if you find any mistakes, or if you have other views, opinions etc. please let me know. 
I`m also planing to review some pro games in the future, not to teach somebody, just to share my studies! The focus here is of course totally different than for example at gogameguru, where you get professional reviews ... i`m just a kyu player and if you read my comments you should not see them as absolute but just as thoughts of a kyu player, not a teacher - but actually that goes without saying.
Maybe together we can develop a better understanding of the game, that would be nice!
Ah, and for those who don`t know me at all allready, please excuse me if i will sometimes write strange english, i`m not a native speaker.

And in case you did not see it allready, i started a second twitter account, i use it just 100% as a study journal (= @badukJournal ) ... maybe it inspires you, i hope so, for me it is a good way to track my progress and to develop motivation.

Mhmm, nothing much more to say... maybe just a few go related random things:
- Still waiting (sometimes praying) for the mac version of Smartgo
 - When i have time to study i do tsumego 90% of the time, i start to love tsumego, even sometimes when i`m too tired to even solve the easy ones :-)
- I bought a fan with a Go Seigen calligraphy from the hebsacker verlag.
Here is a picture:

 John Fairbarn writes at 19x19 that the meaning is this:
"Dark, yet clear as day". This is from the Confucian "Doctrine of the Golden Mean", and it is a metaphorical description of the perfect gentleman: dark on the surface, bright inside: "a gentleman has no adornment outside but is cultivated inside".

and i wonder if that maybe is in this case not (only) about the gentlemens qualities but about the qualities of Go Seigens moves?! ... not many people were able to understand them immediately, but he saw the possible variations "clear as day"
 - i sadly recognised that "Go World" has published it`s last issue
 - this Lee Sedol - Gu Li Jubango is amazing... i would like to see Lee Sedol win :-D Have nice game ... and day ;-)

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50]TM[1800]OT[5x20 byo-yomi] GN[2014-02-24a]PW[ffgudoc]PB[eyecatcher]WR[4k]BR[5k]DT[2014-02-24]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[B+Resign]CH[1] ;B[pc]BL[598.5]C[I was black] ;W[dp]WL[596.8] ;B[pq]BL[597.2] ;W[dd]WL[591.4] ;B[po]BL[593.6] ;W[dj]WL[587.5]C[The sanrensei with white is not very common, isn`t it? ] ;B[fq]BL[588.9]C[As with the chinese opening, same with the sanrensei, i allways tend to attack right away to make it "flat" (=not so easy to build a huge mojo) I overheard this somewhere in a lecture from Guo Juan.] ;W[jj]WL[583.5]TR[fc][fd][dn]C[I did not expect this move at all. I like it if somebody plays freely wherever he or she want's – but i personaly would have not played tengen now, first i would have answered to the attack on the corner or played a shimari at the other corner. I don't know if playing tengen was a bad move, i just wouldn't play it...] ;B[fc]BL[584.5]TR[fc][dd][ge][dg][hi][dm][gn][fq]C[Again my idea was to make the sanrensei flat, at least in terms of preventing shimaris to the side which would have help to build a mojo ] ;W[fd]WL[577.6] ;B[gd]BL[581.9] ;W[fe]WL[574.9] ;B[ec]BL[576.6] ;W[dc]WL[572.5]LB[hc:B][ic:A][jc:C] (;B[ic]BL[572.6]LB[jc:B][ge:A]C[The common, standard joseki moves, instead of this move, are A and B, but i think this, black 15, is ok as well] ;W[dg]WL[569.1]LB[cj:A][fj:D][cn:B][fo:E][ip:C]C[My next move is questionable, maybe ok maybe not... instead of black 17 (next) where else could i have played? ] (;B[cj]BL[568.4]C[It was a fast game, and i did not think much before i played here. The idea came up to play this and i just did it right away without much hesitation. I will ask some better players if this move is bad or ok, i can't judge. In the game - in the end - this move helped building up the situation in which i was able to win, but that does not make it a good move automaticly! ] ;W[ck]WL[565]LB[dk:B][co:A]C[I like this answer. ] (;B[co]BL[560.7]C[This was really a missclick!! :-) I wanted to play the 'normal' corner approach at C6 but i was not asking for undo... and thought "why not" :) ] ;W[cp]WL[556.5]C[I think white answer was good.] ;B[cl]BL[549.6]C[This move was 99% intuitive, not much thinking before i played here.] ;W[bk]WL[552.3]LB[di:A][dk:B]C[I think to play "2" next instead of the actual move "1" would have been much better. ] (;B[di]BL[539.2]LB[dk:B][dl:A]C[As white i would like to play next at D9, not allowing black to get the atari-forcing move at E10] (;W[dl]WL[547.6] ;B[ej]BL[536.3]LB[dk:A][cm:B] (;W[dk]WL[545.7] (;B[ch]BL[533.1]LB[eh:A]C[I think a move like this to strengthen this group is necessary, but maybe better at "A" ?] ;W[cg]WL[537.5] ;B[db]BL[528.3]C[I was regretting this move immediately after white 30 (the obvious answer ;) I think to protect the group at D11 is the thing to do now... and black 29 and even black 31 may have been mistakes... ] ;W[cb]WL[534.6] ;B[ip]BL[503.3] ;W[ei]WL[531.3] ;B[eh]BL[500.6] ;W[fi]WL[529.4] ;B[dh]BL[493.2]LB[gg:B][bh:A][ip:A]C[I think the group is in danger now. I was afraid that black could play "2" next... After all the move at A was wrong for sure, because this group at D11 is now heavy under pressure and i think is to important now for a sacrifice.] (;W[bh]WL[527] ;B[bi]BL[489.4] ;W[bg]WL[525.2] ;B[fh]BL[476.5]C[I was lucky to play here, white allowed me to live / escape :) ] ;W[gi]WL[522.2] ;B[gh]BL[475.4] ;W[hi]WL[520.2] ;B[ed]BL[452.7]TR[db]C[If white ignore, i would trade the big group for the corner... But i think even i white let black push through the corner can`t be killed by black... and i played the "wrong" move at D18 ... so white could let white push through without any worries (?!?) See Variations your self, It is tricky ;-) ] (;W[ee]WL[517.8] ;B[de]BL[450.1]C[I had no real plan here... just played intuitiv. ] ;W[ge]WL[510] ;B[hh]BL[424.5] ;W[gc]WL[506.8] ;B[gb]BL[420.1] ;W[hd]WL[505.2] ;B[eb]BL[416.6] (;W[ce]WL[503.1] ;B[ii]BL[408.4] ;W[ij]WL[500.4] ;B[bb]BL[297.8]LB[ca:B][ig:A]C[After i played here white was taking some time to answer... i think Black 55 is not bad because it destroyed a lot of corner territory but nothing special, white can`t block... ("2") And Black should maybe protect the center group again, so the timing of B18 is questionable ^^] (;W[ig]WL[306.7]TR[ei][fi][gi][hi]C[When white played here, i was thinking "oh this is a strong move" ... ] (;B[hf]BL[235.3]LB[if:B][ih:A]C[Again, because it was a fast game, the following moves were just happening without much thinking... ] (;W[ih]WL[288] ;B[if]BL[226.3] ;W[hg]WL[286] ;B[gf]BL[224.3] ;W[gg]WL[284.6] ;B[ff]BL[223.4]LB[eg:B][fg:A] (;W[fg]WL[283.3] ;B[ef]BL[222.5]C[White has to protect the group at F15 and can`t play E13! ] (;W[eg]WL[281.5]C[The loosing move. I was lucky, without this move the game could have last much much longer and it would have been unclear who will win. ] ;B[df]BL[219.3] (;W[cc]WL[278] ;B[cf]BL[205.8] ;W[bf]WL[235.4] ;B[be]BL[192.7] ;W[cd]WL[232.3] ;B[bd]BL[184.7] ;W[id]WL[220.8]C[White resigned here. ]) (;W[cf]C[White should have played here now... but even then, the marked group is 99% dead, white lost a lot. ])) (;W[df]C[I think this is the ONLY move -now- ] ;B[eg]C[Black is almost 100% escaped... ] (;W[jf]) (;W[je] ;B[jf]) (;W[ke] ;B[je] ;W[jd] ;B[id]))) (;W[eg] ;B[fg] ;W[jf] ;B[ie] ;W[id] ;B[je])) (;W[if] ;B[ih] ;W[jh] ;B[ji] ;W[ki] ;B[kh] ;W[jg] ;B[kj] ;W[li] ;B[hj] ;W[gj] ;B[hk] ;W[jk] ;B[gk] ;W[fj] ;B[fk]) (;W[hg] ;B[gf])) (;B[ih] ;W[jg] ;B[jh] ;W[kh] (;B[hj] ;W[gj] ;B[ki] ;W[ji] ;B[hk] ;W[gk] ;B[kj] ;W[jk] ;B[kk] ;W[hl] ;B[kg] ;W[lh] ;B[hf] ;W[if] ;B[he] ;W[ie] ;B[id] ;W[hg]) (;B[kg] ;W[ki] ;B[hf] ;W[if] ;B[ie] (;W[he]) (;W[kf] ;B[hg] ;W[jf] ;B[he])))) (;W[ca] ;B[cc] ;W[cd] ;B[bc])) (;W[ig] ;B[ih] (;W[jh]) (;W[jg]))) (;W[hg] (;B[de] ;W[ce] (;B[cd] ;W[cc] ;B[cf] ;W[bd]C[Black Mistake ... ]) (;B[ee] ;W[cf])) (;B[cd] ;W[cc] ;B[de] ;W[ce] ;B[ee] ;W[cf]) (;B[ce] ;W[de]) (;B[ee] ;W[eg] ;B[fg] ;W[ff] ;B[ef] ;W[gf] (;B[cf] ;W[df] ;B[de] ;W[ce] ;B[bf] ;W[be]) (;B[ce] (;W[de] ;B[df] ;W[cf] ;B[cd] ;W[be] ;B[cc] ;W[af] ;B[ah]) (;W[be] ;B[bd] ;W[cd] ;B[bf] ;W[cf] ;B[ae] ;W[de] ;B[df] ;W[be]))))) (;W[gg]LB[bg:B][fh:A]C[i think white would be able to kill black now!? (Just some simple trial and error variations follow here)] (;B[fh] ;W[gh] ;B[gi] ;W[fj]LB[df:B][gj:A] (;B[gj] ;W[fk] ;B[bg] ;W[bf] ;B[bi] ;W[ag] ;B[ah] ;W[bh] ;B[gf] ;W[ff] ;B[fg]) (;B[df] ;W[cf] ;B[ed] ;W[eg] ;B[de] ;W[ee] ;B[ce] ;W[cc] ;B[bg] ;W[bf] ;B[cd] ;W[eb])) (;B[bg] ;W[bf]LB[ah:B][bi:A] (;B[bi] ;W[ag] ;B[gh] ;W[fh] ;B[fg] ;W[eg] ;B[ff] ;W[gf]) (;B[ah] ;W[bi]LB[cf:A][fg:B] (;B[cf] ;W[bh] ;B[be] ;W[ag] ;B[cd] ;W[cc]) (;B[fg] ;W[ff] ;B[fh] ;W[gh] ;B[cf] ;W[bh] ;B[eg] ;W[df] ;B[ef] ;W[de] ;B[ee] ;W[ed] ;B[ci] ;W[bj]))))) (;B[eh] ;W[ci] ;B[ch] ;W[bi] ;B[dh] ;W[gi]C[Now the black group is hard to attack directlly])) (;W[cm] ;B[dk]C[No, ponuki for black is not what white want`s ])) (;W[dk]LB[dh:A][fi:B] (;B[dh]LB[cg:B][fi:C][fk:A] (;W[fk] ;B[cg]) (;W[cg]LB[fi:A][em:B] (;B[fi] ;W[dm]) (;B[em] ;W[fi] ;B[fh])) (;W[fi] ;B[fh] ;W[eh] ;B[ei] ;W[eg] ;B[fj] ;W[gi] ;B[ej] ;W[gg] ;B[em] ;W[ci] ;B[ch] ;W[bi]LB[bh:B][bl:A] (;B[bl] ;W[bh] ;B[bg] ;W[cg]) (;B[bh] ;W[bl]LB[bm:A][cm:B] (;B[bm] ;W[cm] ;B[dl] ;W[bn] ;B[cn] ;W[am] ;B[aj] ;W[bj] ;B[ai] ;W[ak]) (;B[cm] ;W[bm] ;B[bn] ;W[aj] ;B[am] ;W[al])))) (;B[fi] ;W[ei] ;B[eh] ;W[ej] ;B[dh] ;W[fh] ;B[fg] ;W[gh] ;B[eg] ;W[gg] ;B[ff] ;W[gf] ;B[df] ;W[cg] ;B[cf] ;W[ch] ;B[ci] ;W[bh] ;B[bi] ;W[ai] ;B[bg] ;W[ah] ;B[aj] ;W[ag] ;B[af]))) (;B[dk] ;W[dl] ;B[ek]LB[ci:B][cm:A] (;W[cm] ;B[di]LB[ci:B][ej:C][bl:A][cn:D] (;W[bl]C[White has not to play here... ]) (;W[ci] ;B[bj] ;W[bi] ;B[aj] ;W[ai] ;B[ej] ;W[bl] ;B[ch]C[White mistake]) (;W[ej]C[yes the ladder is good for black :) ] ;B[fj] ;W[ei] ;B[eh] ;W[fi] ;B[gi] ;W[fh] ;B[fg] ;W[gh] ;B[hh] ;W[gg] ;B[gf] ;W[hg] ;B[ig] ;W[hf] ;B[he] ;W[if] ;B[jf] ;W[ie] ;B[id] ;W[je] ;B[ke] ;W[jd] ;B[jc] ;W[kd] ;B[ld] ;W[kc] ;B[kb] ;W[lc] ;B[mc] ;W[mb] ;B[lb]) (;W[cn] ;B[bo] ;W[bp] ;B[do] ;W[eo] ;B[ep] ;W[dn] ;B[en] ;W[fo] ;B[bm] ;W[bl])) (;W[ci] ;B[dm]))) (;B[dk]C[i think i should have crosscuted] ;W[dl] ;B[ek] ;W[di] ;B[cl] ;W[bk] ;B[bl] ;W[bj] ;B[dm])) (;B[cn]C[This looks powerfull - i think i prefer this move over the one which i actually played. Yes, this would have been my favorite -now- :-) ] ;W[eo] ;B[ck] ;W[cj] ;B[em] ;W[gp] ;B[fp] ;W[fo] ;B[go] ;W[gn] ;B[ho]LB[fm:A][hq:B] (;W[fm] ;B[el] ;W[hq] ;B[hp] ;W[gq] ;B[iq] ;W[fr]LB[gr:B][hr:A] (;B[hr] ;W[gr]LB[er:A][ir:B] (;B[er] ;W[ir] ;B[jr] ;W[hs]) (;B[ir] ;W[eq])) (;B[gr] ;W[hr] ;B[ir] ;W[gs]LB[eq:B][er:A] (;B[er] ;W[eq]) (;B[eq] ;W[er] ;B[is] ;W[hs] ;B[es] ;W[dr]))) (;W[hq] ;B[fn]LB[en:B][gq:A] (;W[gq]) (;W[en] ;B[fm] ;W[dm] ;B[dn] ;W[eq] ;B[ep] ;W[do] ;B[dq] ;W[er] ;B[cp]))) (;B[ip]C[The peacefull move, looks ok too. ] ;W[dm] ;B[pj] ;W[pe] ;B[nd]LB[ph:B][qh:A] (;W[qh] ;B[qi] ;W[pm] ;B[ph] ;W[qg] ;B[qd]) (;W[ph] ;B[nj]LB[mg:B][lp:A] (;W[lp] ;B[og]) (;W[mg] ;B[oh] ;W[og] ;B[pg] ;W[nh] ;B[oi] ;W[pf] ;B[qg] ;W[ne] ;B[md] ;W[lp]))) (;B[fj]C[Because of the tengen stone this is maybe a good choice too!? ]) (;B[fo]LB[cn:A][jp:B]C[Makes A und B mia no? ] ;W[jp] ;B[cn]LB[dn:B][mq:A] (;W[mq]) (;W[dn] ;B[dm] ;W[en] ;B[co] ;W[cp] ;B[ck] ;W[fn]LB[ci:B][go:A] (;B[go] ;W[cj]) (;B[ci] ;W[go] ;B[gp] ;W[ep] ;B[fp] ;W[hp] ;B[ho] ;W[gn] ;B[ip] ;W[hq] ;B[iq] ;W[io] ;B[hn] ;W[in] ;B[hm] ;W[ir] ;B[dr])))) (;B[hc]) (;B[jc]))
“Competition and faith are my life-long vocations. Like water and fire, I depend on both. When I couldn’t outrank the others, it was time for me to leave. There are two things in my life, truth and Go.” Go Seigen


Ben Zen said...

Crazy game! Sanrensei is definitely not as common with White, but I would have to say that it was an intense fight in the uper left, sthought I'm not sure resigning was necessarily the correct thing to do since it was a fast game. Glad to have you back in the blogging world! Looking forward to seeing you online!

Daniel Efosa Uyi said...
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eyecatcher said...

Thank you, it feels great to have the blog updated again, i will sure post some more games soon.

When & in which situations one should resign is a nice topic... i love those games with big comebacks, when somebody decides ... "ah, i give it a try anyway" and finally wins the game :)
Maybe my opponent could have won... :)