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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Truth and Go online again... ab jetzt eher in Deutsch!

Dear Go fan,
i will reactivate this blog again! But this time at least 50% in my native language which is german!
But to stay in contact with all english readers ... i will try to have allways some content in english as well. Not sure at the moment but for example: short english game commentarys additional to the longer german ones ... short english summaries of longer posts.

Have fun with TruthAndGo again and good game :-)



Benjamin Hong said...

Glad to have found your blog too! Definitely glad to see that you are coming back as well. And don't worry about blogging in German, the key is that you blog! After all, we can always try to translate it with Google Translate. =)

Looking forward to following your blog!

eyecatcher said...

Thanks ... , your words are a very good motivation! Yes... translate is good, after seeing it on your blog i was embeding a widget here as well.
Will post the new first game review soon :)

Evgeny She said...

welcome back!