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Monday, November 7, 2011

The WBaduk Challenge - Part. 2

Here 2 new Wbaduk games ... it is hard to feel how much weaknesses i still have, while i´m trying hard to study and learn more about the game ... i see that i still make much beginner-mistakes.
But it motivates me to even study more and harder... ;-)

The first game has some variations and comments included.

"The one with the running group"
I was white and lost by resignation.

GN[Rated game]PW[eye4eye 16K*]PB[broad10 16K*]US[www.cyberoro.com]RE[B+Resign]MU[1]
;B[dd]C[Again i lost against a 16 Kyu at Wbaduk ]
;W[pd]C[Let`s find out why... ]
;B[dp]C[I was concentrating myself and i did not played fast until i was in byo-yomi]
;B[dn]C[Next w at "2" (variation) is "typical" ]
(;W[jq]C[maybe this move was not so good ... i don`t know ... i think it is playable. ]
;B[dq]C[This move looks slow and not very good. ]
;W[dm]C[Is this a good move? I think i will not try it again in a similar situation... ]
;W[fr]C[If white does not play here, black can connect.]
;W[jo]C[This helps black to split white. ]
;W[ko]C[This move looks slow. ]
;W[ol]C[This move looks stupid now ... i thought i could gain some profit while attacking black ... attacking it "large scale" ... but my center group is to weak and of course black has enough ways to escape now.]
;W[cm]C[This move is useless. If black "2" now? ]
;B[jh]C[I think later white had a chance to live, but the group got killed ...`BUT this situation is so bad for white ... i made to many mistakes until this stage of the game allready ... i have a very weak group in the center and all of blacks cutting groups are having a good chance to make live... ]
;W[gi]C[W12, W16, W26, W32 ... why is it now so eays to understand my mistakes ... but while i was playing i thought they are good moves? This is the last comment. ]
;W[hn]C[But Black has to play "2" now ... "1" is a mistake ... ]
(;B[hk]C[ "1" is wrong ... "2" is correct. ]
;B[ll]C[Game is over, white is dead. ])
(;W[ip]C["2" (variation) is common as well. ]

"The one with the sudden death"
In the next game i was white and won by "time" (=because it was not a fast game, and my opponent had much time left, i guess it was like a resignation).

I think black should atari with b54 at D12.
I guess w96 was not good.
B103: was a big success for black .
W130: if white does not kill something, white has not enough points.
W154: i was very very very lucky to win this game... i think black could have made live easily.
Again i made so many mistakes in this game ... it was not very long game, i played rather fast even while there was still a lot of time for both players. I have to think longer and harder to get out of the double digit kyu area at Wbadu!

GN[Rated game]
PW[eye4eye 16K*]
PB[bdss1 16K*]
DT[20111108 [00:44\]]
RE[White wins by time!]

“Competition and faith are my life-long vocations. Like water and fire, I depend on both. When I couldn’t outrank the others, it was time for me to leave. There are two things in my life, truth and Go.” Go Seigen

1 comment:

jenj said...

i frequently see one pattern in your games: aproach - pincer - jump out - repincer - attach…


in this case F5 isn't usual move. Murugandi said: special strategy. in my opinion: unnecessary complication.

same stuff with attach.

my conclusion: keep game simple and understandable.