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Monday, November 28, 2011

Loosing games - learning why

In the last time, i`m not very successful, i lost most of the games i played.
That might have to do something with the fact that i`m working on a documentary film right now, that keeps me busy most of the time. But anyway i think it is not wise to always look for a excuse for a lost game  –  i`m just not soo good at playing as i would like to be, my opening skills, intuition, life and death ... there is so much too learn.
What i do regular since a few weeks is solving tsumego... and i replay pro games and read some go books about the opening.
To loose a long, and kind of "serious", game,  just after some hours of study is the most frustrating thing ... you just started to think "oh yes, i really learned much, i just became stronger" ... and then ... after you loose, you realize how much there is left to learn.
Some people are managing it to become shodan with in 2 or 3 years,  in my case, i think it will take me several years from now on until i will get there... maybe i don`t have any talent for being a good go player, but that is not important, i love to play, and if i have to study more and harder, to become a dan player one day, i will do so.
And in fact becoming "shodan" is not the main goal, the main goal is to get a more profund understanding of the game that will help to enjoy the game even more.

Even if i can`t win much games at the moment, i feel like it is a very good thing, to analyze every played game, to find out why it was lost or won.

Here are 2 games, both have variations and comments included.

"The one with the second chance"
RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[1800]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]
GN[hokohoko-eyecatcher]PW[hokohoko]PB[eyecatcher]WR[6k]BR[6k]DT[2011-11-28]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[hokohoko [6k\]: hi
eyecatcher [6k\]: Hello, good game for you
;B[pd]BL[1495.4]C[I was black. ]
;W[dd]WL[1492.7]C[Time: 25 min + 5x30 byo yomi ]
(;W[qf]WL[1464.2]LB[qn:A]C[W10 at "A" is also a good move.]
;B[cf]BL[1447.2]C[Was this a good move? What would you have played? ]
;W[dj]WL[1393.2]C[Interesting answer.]SL[aa:eh][bi:di][cj:dj][fa:fg][gc:ge]
;B[ci]BL[1433.3]LB[fc:A]C[I don`t know, this is a move of the kind "i want to try it out" but next time i would play "A" , this W23 could be a mistake ... ]
;B[bm]BL[1425.5]C[I think i played strange here... ]
;B[cc]BL[1394]C[Let`s try it out... ]
;W[ff]WL[1188.9]C[If both groups wile live, i thought it would be a very good result for black... ]
;W[gc]WL[1180.1]C[Good move.]
;B[fd]BL[1357.5]C[Kind of useless... ]
;W[bh]WL[1118.5]C[If black plays "2" (variation) now, can white kill the group? ]
(;B[bb]BL[1333.5]C[Was this move necessary? I don`t think so... ]
;W[rf]WL[1041.4]C[good timing... maybe "2" (variation) would have been better... ]
;B[pf]BL[1297]C[Next to capture at "2" is maybe better. ]
(;W[nd]WL[1022.7]LB[jd:A]C[Next black should have done something about the top ... maybe invade at "A" ]
;B[rg]BL[1290]C[I think this move is much too small ]
;B[ig]BL[1267.8]C[Black has to defend one more move, it is painfull. ]
;W[jd]WL[992.8]C[Looks like white is leading now... ]
;B[lf]BL[1166.1]C[Again black ends in gote! ]
;W[qk]WL[670.6]C[White can do something here, so it looks very bad for black. ]
;B[lp]BL[1089.1]C[Black is allready hopeless. ]
;B[gk]BL[1027.6]C[Now i tried hardly to turn the game arround. ]
;W[hn]WL[418.7]C[White was handeling the situation very good. ]
;B[lh]BL[918.8]TR[nh][mi][ni][pj][qj][ok][qk][pl]C[Black´s last chance is to kill the white group ]
;W[pk]WL[242.6]C[Now black has a big chance to turn the game around ]
;W[ii]WL[83.5]C[I did not saw this move before, game is over. ]
;B[ip]BL[440.5]TR[kd][ld][le][me][jf][kf][lf][dg][ig][lg][dh][eh][fh][hh][ih][jh][lh][bi][ci][fi][gi][hi][aj][cj][fj][bk][ck][ek][fk][gk][cl][fl][gl]C[Looks like this groupd is dead, and even if not, white has much more points. ]
;W[jn]WL[30]OW[5]C[eyecatcher [6k\]: Thank you for the game
hokohoko [6k\]: thx
;B[bb]C[Do you know if white could have killed? ]))

"The one with the group that should not have ran away"
RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[1800]OT[5x70 byo-yomi]
GN[eyecatcher-rainerle]PW[eyecatcher]PB[rainerle]WR[6k]BR[6k]DT[2011-11-28]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[eyecatcher [6k\]: Hello, good game for you
rainerle [6k\]: good morning from Berlin, Germany
rainerle [6k\]: enjoy the game
;B[qp]BL[1760]C[eyecatcher [6k\]: Hallo aus Ludwigsburg :)
;W[dp]WL[1789.6]C[rainerle [6k\]: ach, doch ein deutscher?
eyecatcher [6k\]: ja
eyecatcher [6k\]: :-)
rainerle [6k\]: na dann erst recht viel spaß
;B[pc]BL[1715.8]C[eyecatcher [6k\]: viel spaß
;B[dr]BL[1678.9]C[Next the normal joseki move is at "2" (variation) ]
(;W[gp]WL[1712]C[This is not joseki. ]
;W[pp]WL[1600]C[Normaly black plays "2" next (variation) ]
;B[mo]BL[1485.5]C[White can be happy. ]
;W[kd]WL[1328.2]C[White has territory and black is overconcentrated. ]
;W[fe]WL[1252.3]C[White is very happy now. ]
;B[jd]BL[1031.5]C[White is favorable now. ]
;W[hn]WL[1176]C[I should have sarcificed this group ... or make live ... but the group will be killed and the game goes to black. ]
;W[hk]WL[1152]C[This is something like a loosing move, i missed (and yes i did play fast here, even if i had much time) H7 (B97) ]
;B[iq]BL[380.8]C[Game is over now, but i kept trying to find a way ... but actually after B155 the was no chance left. Last comment. ]
;W[hg]WL[94.2]C[GoRoGoRo [7k\]: f14so traurig
;W[ed]WL[79]C[GoRoGoRo [7k\]: ah nee, hatte nur ganz oben geschaut
;B[fi]BL[70]OB[5]C[GoRoGoRo [7k\]: j14 war auch nicht gerade genial von W
rainerle [6k\]: danke
eyecatcher [6k\]: Danke für das spiel
rainerle [6k\]: fetzige partie
eyecatcher [6k\]: war ok ^^
rainerle [6k\]: sehr spannend
eyecatcher [6k\]: mhm, schon ein wenig spannend :-)
rainerle [6k\]: unten links hättest du leben können glaub ich
eyecatcher [6k\]: wie?
;W[qr]C["1" or "2" ]
;B[rr]C[This looks strange but it is a joseki, but personaly i would not like this for white ... but i`m just a lousy 6 kyu :-)) ])
;B[jq]C[a fighting joseki ]

"You should look at the board and play wherever you want to. This is the way to get stronger."
Takemiya Masaki


Doublehane said...

"you just started to think "oh yes, i really learned much, i just became stronger" ... and then ... after you loose, you realize how much there is left to learn."

I so know what you are talking about! Sometimes I realize how far ahead even single digit kyu is, let alone shodan (I'm at 14 kyu now). Then I have a game in which I can utilize a new concept or solve a l&d problem I wouldnt' have solved a couple of weeks ago, and ....tadaaaaaa...I see myself rising to shodan in 2 years again ;)

jenj said...

"you just started to think "oh yes, i really learned much, i just became stronger" ... and then ... after you loose, you realize how much there is left to learn."

same stuff here :)

i think noone can really learn something from reading. it's kinda theories. only things you can get from lessons is 1. inspiration 2. new ideas. but to make it material is a next step: experience.

about your Go… can i make one proposition?

i see 2 system things: 1. not much patience to whole-board situation; 2. broken shapes in local conflicts

most of the games are fall apart after fuseki stage

why? i can only guess. maybe it will be helpful

i think you tryin' too hard. kinda "green-eyed monster syndrome" (http://kazsensei.seesaa.net/article/108187284.html). and it lead to crazy resistance like in thirty-six stratagems: "Cornered prey will often mount a final desperate attack. To prevent this you let the enemy believe he still has a chance for freedom. His will to fight is thus dampened by his desire to escape. When in the end the freedom is proven a falsehood the enemy's morale will be defeated and he will surrender without a fight"

it's my own quests as well :)

gooood way!