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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Game Review

 Please notice: Of course i write these reviews because i want to know why i have lost  or which bad moves of my opponent gave me the victory... but i`m not a go teacher and there  might be mistakes, small and big ones, in this analysis.
 I use my brain  :-)  as well as Kogos Joseki Dictonary, Josekipedia, Brugo and the Smartgo software (with go4go- and gogod-Database) to  analyse Fuseki and Joseki. Please have fun! 

(I was black and lost by resignation)

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50]TM[1800]OT[2x70 byo-yomi]
GN[ellone-eyecatcher]PW[ellone]PB[eyecatcher]WR[6k]BR[7k]DT[2011-04-16]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[
;B[ic]BL[1765.8]LB[ed:A][qf:D][dg:B][dj:C]C[I play the Chinese Fuseki frequently , the next move W6 is not good, but it is a typical "mistake" (?) against the Chinese Fuseki ... check out some Pro-Game Variations : "B" , "C" or "D" ]
(;W[ed]WL[1788.9]C[In one of Guo Juan's Audio Go Lessons i learned that W6 (="white 6") is a questionable move ... it is too early to invade, and with B7 (=important) black has a strong way to attack white ... ]
;W[fc]WL[1781.2]LB[gc:X]C[W12 is normaly played at "X" ]
;W[ce]WL[1759.4]LB[be:A][de:B]C[I think B17 ("a") is a very big mistake, instead playing at "B" (variation) would be much much much much better ... ]
;B[bg]BL[1577.3]C[Black has lost a lot ... ]
;W[ci]WL[1727.3]C[Tenuki is best ... ]
;W[np]WL[1721.1]LB[pk:B][mn:A]C[B31 is maybe a bit unusal, perhaps a bad move (?!?) ... normal joseki move would be at "B" (variation) ]
;B[qq]BL[1522]LB[ro:B][qp:A]C[This invasion looks strange now ... i don`t think that B33 was a good move ... black only got profit from it, because white made a mistake ... "B" (variation)]SL[jm][jn][jo][kl][km][kn][ko][kp][kq][lm][ln][lo][lp][lq][lr][mm][mn][mo][mp][mq][mr][ms][nm][nn][no][np][nq][nr][ns][om][on][oo][op][oq][or][os][pm][pn][po][pp][pq][pr][ps][qm][qn][qo][qp][qq][qr][qs][rm][rn][ro][rp][rq][rr][rs][sl][sm][sn][so][sp][sq][sr][ss]
(;W[qp]WL[1708.8]C[i think w34 is the best move , or not? ]
;B[qm]BL[1404.2]LB[pm:A][rp:B]C[White made a mistake here, with W46 or W48 it is much better to play double atari at "B" (variation) ]
;B[sr]BL[1379.1]C[Black is happy ... even while white got some influence ]
;W[hq]WL[1568.7]LB[cn:A][fo:B]C[Next to chose the joseki move "B55" looks like a wrong decision here ... black should play "B" to attack "W54" ]
;B[ep]BL[1324.8]LB[fo:B][eq:A]C[B59 is a rare move ... there a 3 pro games showing this move ... evertime white next answers at "B" ]
(;W[eq]WL[1549]C[white gives black a nice ponuki ... ]
;B[do]BL[1284]TR[qc][jd][ld][nd][qf][fi][hl]C[Does white has to answer ? It is big , but to play tenuki at one of the triangle positions is maybe bigger ... don`t know ... ]
;B[qe]BL[1240.7]TR[md]C[if one has a stone around the triangle to answer with B69 is not bad ... ]
;B[re]BL[1235.4]C[B71 looks slow ... but maybe it is good ... don`t know ... ]
;B[oj]BL[1223.3]C[Black is leading now because the black area on the top is not easy to reduce and white has no very good areas to make territory ... black is stronger in the center ... ]
;B[cj]BL[1209.9]TR[ng][gh]C[Black want`s to build up a moyo/territory in the center ... is this the best way? Maybe B75 would have been better at one of the triangle positions ... ]
;W[mj]WL[1458.6]C[white goes all in ... ]
;B[ng]BL[1172.4]TR[ke][hg][kg][gh][fi][ji][kj][ml]C[Next White played at "a" which is not very consistent with playing W76 and W78 ... i think to play, for example, one of the triangles would have been much better for white ... in the end white allowed black to have a lot of points in the center ... ]
;B[le]BL[1156.3]TR[ic]C[black is willing to incur a loss on the side, even to sacrifice one stone ... black wants to attack W76 and W78 ... and to make points in the center ... ]
;B[jg]BL[1038.9]LB[hd:A][if:B]C[the ladder is good for black ... ]
;W[ms]WL[1321.1]C[This move looks strange ... ]
;B[ns]BL[436.2]LB[lr:X][ls:Y]C[now it is a Seki ... because no one can play at X or Y ]
;W[ok]WL[1160.9]LB[lk:B][ol:A]C["A" is a mistake ... "B" is simple and good ]
;W[pk]WL[1157.1]LB[lk:B][nl:A]C["B" is still best ... ]
;W[nj]WL[1155.1]C[Double Atari now, black has made a huge, game decisive, (and stupid :-) mistake ... ]
;W[lk]WL[1152.4]C[White is leading now and black has to resign ... ])
(;B[lk]C[Black is leading and would have won the game ... ]))
;B[fr]C[Has white any good follow ups if playing the regular joseki moves now? ]SL[am][an][ao][ap][aq][ar][as][bl][bm][bn][bo][bp][bq][br][bs][ck][cl][cm][cn][co][cp][cq][cr][cs][dk][dl][dm][dn][do][dp][dq][dr][ds][ek][el][em][en][eo][ep][eq][er][es][fl][fm][fn][fo][fp][fq][fr][fs][gl][gm][gn][go][gp][gq][gr][gs][hm][hn][ho][hp][hq][hr][hs][im][in][io][ip][iq][ir][is][jm][jn][jo][jp][jq][jr][js][kn][ko][kq][kr][lq]
;B[ho]LB[io:A][iq:B]C[white should not play regular joseki move at "B" (variation) ... instead cut at "A" (variation) ]SL[am][an][ao][ap][aq][ar][as][bl][bm][bn][bo][bp][bq][br][bs][ck][cl][cm][cn][co][cp][cq][cr][cs][dk][dl][dm][dn][do][dp][dq][dr][ds][ek][el][em][en][eo][ep][eq][er][es][fl][fm][fn][fo][fp][fq][fr][fs][gl][gm][gn][go][gp][gq][gr][gs][hm][hn][ho][hp][hq][hr][hs][im][in][io][ip][iq][ir][is][jm][jn][jo][jp][jq][jr][js][kn][ko][kq][kr]
;W[io]C[very nice ko ... ]
;B[kq]C[white is dead ... ]))
(;W[ho]LB[dn:A][do:B]C[maybe "B" (variation) is better than "A" (variatiion) ? ]
(;W[rp]LB[pm:B][rm:A]C[I think vlack should not play "A" (variation) in this situation instead "B" (variation) is better. ]
(;B[pm]LB[rm:A][lo:C][jq:B]C[I don`t know if White next at "A" (variation) is the best move , better perhaps checking extension at "B" (variation) ... or walking out at "C" (variation) ??? Go is dificult game :-) ]
;W[pl]LB[om:A][po:B]C[if black takes the white stone at "B" (variation) ... ]
(;W[ro]C[i don`t know if there is a sure way to kill black now ...
(go back to the main line ... or check out some following, maybe not very interesting or correct, variations ) ]
;W[qr]C[white can`t cut ... (?) ]
(;B[pk]LB[pl:B][qo:A]C["a" or "b" ]
(;B[de]LB[bd:B][dd:A]C[Has white any tesuji now? I don`t think so ... ]
;B[nd]LB[rd:B][pj:A]C["a" or "b"]

“You should look at the board and play wherever you want to. This is the way to get stronger.” Takemiya Masaki

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