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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time & GO

Hi there,
it is been a while since i wrote something about GO here ...
the reason is, that i`m now studying at a film-university and that means:
not much time left for playing go ... and even less time for writing about go ...

BUT ... i`m workin on a shortfilm now in wich "GO" is a topic.

I`m living near Stuttgart now ... not longer in Hamburg ...
i allready miss the evenings at the Go-Club there ... where Yoon Young Sun is giving her Go-lessons.

I want to be part of the Stuttgart-Go-Club ... but until now ... there wasn`t enough time for going there ...

The last time i was playing ... phhhh ... i think 2 month ago?

I will try to take some screenshots from the Go-scene in my shortfilm ... and post them here.

Have a nice day!

“Do nothing which is of no use” Miyamoto Musashi

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