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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Ridiculous Game

Do you know these moments:

... when you think you can just play go without any worries about bringing your groups to life

... when you are very sure that YOU will win the game and that everything is possible on the board

... when you are sure that you will very soon perform some kind of magic ...

(Quote: "Everything would seem to be possible in go. Like pulling a rabbit, by a magical move, out of a hat. "
Audouard, Pierre )

a few moves later you realize ... how messed up the situation is ... suddenly: death agony ... you fight a bit more ... even with moves which are worse than the ones that brought you into this situation ...

... time to resign ...

and ... again – time to think about your attitude towards the game.

I call this game "The Ridiculous Game " because i think i was playing a lot of unnecessary ridiculous moves.

(It was NOT a blitz game! )

Enjoy :-)

(+ few ridiculous comments!)

"You can hide nothing on the goban."
Audouard, Pierre

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