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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Challenging Study Material

"Graded Go Problems For Beginners" ... for me very challenging but barely  doable. Nice book. 

A book about a Jubango (= a ten game series) in Kamakura between Go Seigen and Kitani Minorou

Each game is reviewed and a lot of historical background information as well as anecdotes and quotes of the players are given. Great book. 

"Five Hundred and One Opening Problems" ... for me a very useful book. 

"Proverbs",  volume one of The Nihon Ki-in Handbook Series. I like it. 

"Modern Joseki and Fuseki" ... published in 1968!!    Ok ... not any longer "modern" but the whole book is not jet outdated (as far as i think...) i read a few reviews about this book ... a lot of people might find it to crammed ("There's a lot of data thrown at you" ) ... but i like it  ...

even if i will need another 3 month to get through it ... :-) ... but actually i recommend this book ... because i think one can learn a lot about the  the ideas behind Josekis ... and of course you can learn some nice Josekis ... i had the impression to learn a lot about Go-logic generally ... hard to describe in English what i mean ... just get the book and check it out for yourself! ;-)


(The one on this Photo who is not playing but watching the game is: Go Seigen ) 


"From the way the players perceive what can happen and what shouldn't happen springs what happens." Audouard, Pierre

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