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Monday, March 29, 2010

Go Means Work

[While i am not a native english speaker i am using this blog not only to write about GO ... but as well to improve my english skills ... so please excause me if there may be some mistakes ]

At the moment i am on the countryside at my mothers house with a good friend of mine ... compared with Hamburg it is a very very quite place here ... you can almost see the horizon ... a lot of animals, fresh air - nature.

A perfect place to play long and good games out of a clear and deep mind ...

BUT ... i was playing a lot ... and all the games , even if i was winning sometimes ... were such a "shame" :-) !

I played much too fast, even sometimes arrogant and/or just stupid.

All the mistakes i made were avoidable ... through a little bit of thinking.

If i really want to learn GO ... i can`t go on playing "intuitiv - style" ... if i am not in the mood to think a lot ... i should not play go at the moment.

Go is not relaxation ... it is work.

"You can hide nothing on the goban."
Audouard, Pierre

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